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  • The Bible Is Worth More Than College Education

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    Theodore Roosevelt said, “ A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education.” Reading the Bible sounds good in theory, but many feel like Ezekiel, a young man in his twenties, who said, “When I looked at how thick the Bible is, I lost any desire to read it.” Others also may feel that the Bible is outdated in today’s age, and that it lacks any real value. What about you? What do you think? Did you know that the Bible actually tells us why we should read it? 2 Timothy 3:16

  • Christian College Freshmen Should Make Time For A Daily Bible

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    College can be a very difficult adjustment for freshman to make, especially for freshmen that are believers in Christ. While the struggles and evils of the world bare down on them, students need a source of fulfillment and safety. That can be found within a daily study of the bible. Christian college freshmen should make time for a daily bible study so that they may grow closer with the Lord, get help and guidance for life, and reach a deeper understanding of what the bible says so they can defend

  • The Culmination Of A Wonderful And Enlightening Course Offered By Calvary Chapel Bible College

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    and enlightening course offered by Calvary Chapel Bible College; a verse-by-verse, in-depth study, into the Book of Genesis. The lectures were given by Pastor Clark Van Wick of Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship, in Temecula, California. Pastor Van Wick not only has a deep knowledge of God 's revelation to His people, but he pours out the love of Jesus into his students hearts throughout each lecture. The enthusiasm and joy Pastor Van Wick has for Bible exposition is felt by his students in every verse

  • Bible College Research Paper

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    cross-culturally. Somewhere along your missionary journey, Bible college is an important and useful option. It may not be what you do straight out of high school, but if you are thinking of going into missions, you should try to get some training, and a Bible college will set you up for success. Attending a Bible college will help you in all areas of your life. It will provide you the tools to properly understand, apply, and teach the Bible, and give you a deeper deeper understand of God, Jesus, and

  • Salt Lake Bible College Essay Essay

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    SALT LAKE BIBLE COLLEGE JOSEPH KINYUA RUCHIAKA (Student no Ke: 2514) Book of Philippians (Research paper) Supervisor Dr. Fred M. Macharia Year 2015 Book of Philippians Introduction This church was in the town of Philippi that was situated along the great northern road that ran from the Adriatic Sea coast to the town of Byzantium (later renamed Constantinople and todays Istanbul). The town’s population was predominantly Greek but with few, Jewish groups Acts 16:13. Philippi was a Roman

  • The Importance Of Religions

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    Before I begin to talk about my personal calling, allow me to share some wisdom I heard at my first SEND Conference in the Fall of 2014. Christians make such a major ordeal of “their call”. In churches across the country, people ask others “what’s your call” or use a lack of a “Macedonian Call” as an excuse to not be evangelistic. I came to Holmes with that mindset. I knew I was “called” to missions. I had gone to Honduras in September 2011. Before that, I had heard Isaiah 6:8 while Steve Harrelson

  • William Coverdale ( 1488-1569 ), The Great Bible

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    William Coverdale (1488-1569), The Great Bible The atmosphere changed in England as Rome and Henry the VIII came into conflict. Henry the VII wanted to divorce his Catholic wife, Katherine of Aragon, the Catholic Church refused. When the Pope refused, Henry VII renounced the Catholic Church and appointed himself head of the Church of England. To spite the Catholic Church and unify his kingdom, he ordered the Bible printed and translated into English, and placed in all the churches

  • The Influence Of Spirituality On College Campuses

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    Bryan College in the recent years has made extraordinary leaps in students desire to grow in the Lord. The spirituality on campus struggles as is per usual to Christian campuses. Bryan College, however, has a desire to help further spirituality as a campus. The worship leadership team has reached new heights in leading worship in chapel. The variety of genres of music played for the corporate worship chapels has helped engage students from all backgrounds. Students that are more traditional in their

  • Global University Research Paper

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    based out of Springfield, Missouri. As an overall separation learning pioneer, the college incorporates training and administration through a system in 150 nations, including the United States. Its three primary dialects of direction are English, Spanish and French for undergrad programs. Four schools contain Global University; School for Evangelism and Discipleship, Berean School of the Bible, Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology and Graduate School of Theology. The vision of Global University

  • The Importance Of The Bible In The Bible

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    are shown to us through His Word. The Bible proves that what the student did was unethical. As a result, the college was ethically acting when they decided to punish the student for wrong doing. The Bible will prove that words are very powerful, the student’s actions were unethical, and the college has the ethical right to punish those who breaks the rules. This is not a case of right or wrong it is all about should this student be punished. While the Bible does show why the student was acting unethically