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  • My Day At The Middle School

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    the big day, the day I started Miami Middle School as a sixth grader. As I started to get dressed, I couldn’t figure out what to wear. After about ten minutes, I decided on a bright, white shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans that I had laying around for a while. Makeup or no makeup, was my next big decision. I have struggled with a condition on my forehead for years now and I was unsure if kids were going to be as hurtful as they have been to me in the past regarding my appearance. My big, blue

  • My Experience At School

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    I awoke on an early morning, my mother tugging on me. I ask, "What are you doing?" in a tired voice. She replied, "Get ready, Armani!" That's when I remembered, that today was the big day, where I would go to school for my first time. In a hurry, I jumped out of my bed and put on my clothes. I've never seen my parents so happy before, and I was confused why. I wasn't quite sure what "school" was, but I knew it was a place where kids like me went and I will learn things. Thinking about it, scared

  • Wedding Speech by Brother of Bride Essay

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    goggled wedding speeches last night, I was overwhelmed by strange feelings of happiness and pride for my baby sister and her big day. I have been sternly warned not to delve into any of her past relationships, her difficult pre- and post-teen attitude and her

  • Windy: Tornado Phase

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    Exposition One Windy Day, Dimension 17.4 was going through a Tornado Phase. A Huge Black Cloud was in the sky and blocked every bit of Sunshine, so every citizen looked up. The Huge bust of the Black Tornado passed, and Oblign was a 127 year old Goblin, He rushed as he took his Bag & Magic Candle before the Black Tornado could reach him. Using the Candle, He transported to a Green & Blue planet called Earth. His High Intelligence told him that he was in Area15 located near Nevada.

  • My First Day Of New School

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    My legs started to tremble as I took my first step into the noisy classroom. The moment I walked in the entire class immediately became extremely quiet. First day of new school is always the hardest, but for me it was a bit different; it wasn’t only a new school but was also a new language a, new country, different races and a total different environment. I couldn’t even say a sentence properly in English, but the worst of it all was the people surrounding me had made me feel like I didn’t exist

  • Boxing : Personal Narrative

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    coach’s hand. I was so happy I won and got a trophy my dad was so proud of me.      When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.  It is the motto that is really important to me. When I was preparing for my first fight it was tough. The fight turned out not to be that tough as I thought it was going

  • Rehoboth Beach Crash Research Paper

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    complete mess I was crying and screaming. Finally we climbed out of the water and we all rushed to the car to head to the emergency

  • Valentine's Day Celebration Essay

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    Valentine’s Day Celebration Don’t let your Valentine’s Day be ruined by lack of planning. Getting it right on this most romantic day of the year is not impossible with the help of these tips. You can have plenty of fun and end your night on a kiss by adding these little suggestions on things to do and experience on the big day. Rent a car and tour the local vineries Wine is one of the most romantic drinks in the world and our country is full of amazing producers. So, why not celebrate the day with a

  • Rush-Personal Narrative

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    Rush, rush, rush. There's never a peaceful moment in my life. I'm either doing college, high school, or household chores. I never have time to appreciate life or take in its beauty. Often times I'll be taken back to a time of tranquility, a time last October when I was fortunate enough to be invited to Uvalde, Texas. I remember the bluffs that towered over the prairie and the cold, crisp air contrasted by the warm, radiating sun. But like a slap to the face, I wake up to reality, and it's right back

  • Personal Essay : Personal Identity And Personality

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    time. I knew to accomplish the goal, I had to try harder than I ever had and do the absolute best I could. The weeks of training went by leading up to the big meet that I hoped to accomplish this goal. Every day after practice, I could smell the chlorine and sweat on my suit from the hard work I had put in that day. Eventually, the big day came. I slowly made my way to the blocks where I would dive off and hopefully accomplish the goal I was trying to reach. They blew the whistles and I stepped