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  • Comparison Of Depression In The Big Sur By Jack Kerouac

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    could not. They both decided to chose the outlet of poetry and release their negative feelings by writing about similar themes. This becomes evident when one draws similarities between themes such as isolation, nature and love proven by examining The Big Sur by Jack Kerouac and many poetic works from Sylvia Plath. Being a popular poet can do alot to one, and if ones fans only care about their work and not their true feelings the artist tends to feel isolated. When one is depressed he/she tends to isolate

  • The Howl And Big Sur Analysis

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    The Howl and Big Sur are two excellent representations of people who lived alternatively, instead of conforming to society views and the materlistic lifestyle. The incredible creator of Howl, accurately demonstrated The Beat generation by displaying the destruction of the best minds. The destruction of the best minds were not teachers, lawyers, doctors or even nurses. However, the best minds that the reader were informed about were drug users, homeless people, as well as people who had mental health

  • Personal Essay

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    tall, dark, and handsome - a must meet! He states he is artistic and currently in between Jujitsu careers (oh boy, first red flag). I shake it off, considering myself as being way too judgmental; stop it Tammy - We move forward with the 'meeting' - Big Sur is 5'5 with work boots on and soft-spoken - slightly balding, strands poke through, here and there, like piglet hair. Definitely not a match - now what? Must fill an hour's worth of bullshit small talk in order to get through this, thank GOD I babble

  • Big Sur Coastline Research Paper

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    There was a wildfire in northern California’s Big Sur coastline. It had spanned over 42 square miles and firefighters have been fighting to put the fire out before it spreads; damaging more homes. As of now 34 homes have been destroyed, individuals had to evacuate 350 properties, and the flames have threatened approximately 2000 buildings. There have been two reported deaths as a result of the fire; and 11 hikers were rescued. Firefighters have suspected that some of the hikers were responsible for

  • Hasbro Fan Poll Research Paper

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    I promised I'd let you know my thoughts about what the Hasbro Fan Poll meant for the movement. With Lucasfilm and Hasbro both silent on the issue, we are left to speculate. And that I what this is, my interpretation of the facts and events laid in front of me. Warning you now this post is going to be stream of consciousness. I rarely do these as they can be difficult to follow, but... With the Billboard recieving massive press and notarity from industry insiders, Lucasfilm decided they couldn't

  • Grimm's Biggest: A Short Story

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    Arriving in the vicinity of Koblenz at night was not ideal, our hotel was on the opposite river bank which required us to take a commuter ferry. It was windy and the dark water appeared rough and dangerous, I was nervously apprehensive, moreover, my little sister was too, we had never been on a boat before. When the ferry pulled up to the dock, Noke drove the car right onto the flat deck and assured us that we would get across the river safely. Underway, he invited us to step out of the car to

  • Positive Effects Of Marawi War

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    Effect of Marawi War in Philippine economy Marawi was also known as the “Philippine’s premiere Islamic City”. It is the largest city of Lanao del Sur. It is all its capital on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It was founded by Dansalan group in 1639 by the Spaniards led by Francisco Atienza, their true reasons of going to Marawi is to conquer the entire Lake Lanao area. Recently the battle in Marawi started on May 23, 2017 they called themselves a Maute Group and the CNN Philippines had

  • Kino And Juana Alternate Ending

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    Kino and Juana headed towards the forest as the soundless night grew and they knew that some evil person would follow and eventually kill them. Coyotito was still sound asleep and Juana hung him around her hip as she walked with Kino. Suddenly, Kino came to a stop and warned Juana that he heard footsteps and he knew that someone was following them. They heard the click of the carbine and figured that they had to hide before the devil fired. They ran until they were sure that no one was there but

  • The Pear Book Report : The Pearl By John Steinbeck

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    The Pear Book Report Alejandro Gonzalez 5th period “Letter to the Author” The Pearl, written by John Steinbeck, takes place in La Paz Mexico. The begins with a description of the family in the first few pages of the book. The family consists of, a couple, and one toddler. Juana, the wife of Kino, and mother of Coyotito. After the description of the family, the book continues with a scary problem. Coyotito is sleeping and as he is sleeping, Kino notices a scorpion crawl down the rope that is connected

  • Mexican Pearl

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    And Kino gripped the handle of the big working knife and took a sense of protection from it. On a clear, windy night, Kino, Juana, and Coyotito begin their long march north, avoiding the sleeping town. Outside of town, they follow a road, carefully walking in a wheel rut to conceal their