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  • The Story Of Preston 's ' Hell Baby Just Like Sarah ' Preston '

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    Everyday Preston would steal his sister’s favorite doll and hide it until Sarah cried. One day Preston’s parents were fed up with Preston and his actions. “Preston you’re so selfish! All you care about is yourself! Go to your room this instance” Preston’s mom cried. Preston stormed off slamming his door. Preston swam around as hot tears slid down his face. “I’m going to run away!” Preston decided “Where no one will ever bother me again!” Preston swam through his open bedroom window and didn’t look

  • Playing Football And Transfer Back Home

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    Ever since I have been old enough to make my own decisions, I have always taken a while to come to conclusions. When it comes to this one it was one of the biggest decisions that I have made. Sports have always been a big part of my life, so when I had a chance to play football in college I took it. When the year was almost finished, I made the decision to stop playing football and transfer back home. There were many factors that lead me to the choice of leaving instead of standing. The football

  • Informative Letter On Jesus

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    I'm writing to you in regards to Jesus E. Ramirez-Granados, his hearing is on April 4, 2017. His charges are 2 counts of burglary and 1 count of theft and his bail is set to 250,000. I know its impossible for you to take the time to learn who each and everyone of the people that walk in front of you everyday really are. So I was hoping I could shed some light on who Jesus is. The Jesus that got arrested on March 22, 2017 is not the Jesus that I know. That is not the Jesus that his friends and

  • My Beloved Shelbie By Jane Austen

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    To My Beloved Shelbie, At first, I wanted to write you a love letter describing how I feel about you, and what you mean to me, but I believe it is better if in addition to describing my feelings that I clear up all our miscommunications as best I can. Please understand that we see some things differently, an example being when you felt that I expected something out of you that was likely my fault for not doing my best to communicate my feelings but I never want you to feel like I demand something

  • Personal Narrative

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    across the road to your body, checked you had a pulse, before gently moving you over to the side. I was more interested in knowing you were alive before I even thought about calling an ambulance. We were miles from the public streets and houses, no one-else could help. The minutes waiting for help felt like hours; I could feel myself fading away as I could see you slowly deteriorating. I held my hand on yours and held it against your heart, just so that we both knew you were still breathing; silly

  • My Experience Of Homecoming

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    Homecoming The first time I went back home after coming to college was a rollercoaster of emotions. After arriving home I was embraced with open arms by my mom and dad. This was the first time I had seen them since being dropped off at college and I suddenly realized how much I missed them. I called every so often but being in my own home being able to talk and with them was something I hadn’t ever experienced. All of my worries about homework and future exams were gone and I got to enjoy the company

  • My Life Of My Father

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    life changed when my cousin was born. I always knew that I loved kids, but I never realized I could love one so much. He is like my little brother, that is now over a thousand miles away. When he was first born, I basically lived with my aunt. Whenever I had some time off of school I would be at their house. Even though I was only 12, when it came to him, I had the responsibility of an adult. When I went to visit them, I would take care of him to give my aunt a break. I would change the diapers,

  • My Best Friend, My Best Love, My Best Friend

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    loving It has been nearly a year since we started talking again after years of no communication. Words do not suffice to express how much I truly love you, and how grateful I am that you entered my life. You have been one of my biggest supports, you have believed in me when I felt that no one did, you have given me your all: your love, your time, your energy, your lost hours of sleep, your tears, your laughs. To this day, whenever I am in doubt, you have always cheered me on and made me believe that I

  • Red King Persuasive Speech

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    door when i heard a loud bang and saw my door hitting my wood floors then the swat team said "put your hands up your under arrest for the murder of Ralph Burns " I listened and slowly put my hands up I was extremely confused who is Ralph Burns? Then one of the police men took my hands and put them behind my back then put tight hand cuffs on me. They took me to a police car and put me inside.i asked the officer driving the car what the heck is going on he said I'm not at the authority to tell you .

  • Is The Snow Cold?

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    father seemed to not care, like I was the unwanted pup. The rest of the pups always said, "You are weird" or "You do not belong here, no one wants you." Susan, my momma 's sister, always liked me. She told me stories on how I was the first one to open my eyes and ears and how I was the first one to start moving. She always sneaks me an extra serving of meat when no one is paying attention. Thanks to her, I am learning how to hunt! She said she was going to bring me a real mouse tomorrow to practice