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  • Albanian Pride

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    am honest and I tell the truth no matter what. But then people don’t like because of that because I tell them exactly what I am thinking about and don’t think about what going to come out of my mouth I just say it. So I think this poem is the best one I wrote because it shows who and what Albanians are willing to do for their flag. Reflection 2 A specific element I used that stood out to me was symbol. My symbol in this poem was the two headed eagle. The two headed eagle means a lot if I didn’t

  • The Importance Of Friendship By A Friendship

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    look forward to your class When I come to school. You 're an awesome teacher; I think you 're very cool. You 're smart and fair and friendly; You 're helping all of us. And if I got to grade you, From me you 'd get A+! To all friends, Friendship is one of life 's greatest treasures. Friends that are loyal are always there to make you laugh when you are down, they are not afraid to help you avoid mistakes and they look out for your best interest. This kind of friend can be hard to find, but they offer

  • It 's Not Quite A Mystery

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    't know I existed, and I didn 't know how to make you see me. I 'm the one who 's insecure After all, how could a girl like you ever like someone of my characteristics? I don 't exactly excel at anything. I 'm just the girl in the corner, the one who exists only in the shadows of people 's memories. There 's no proof of it though, no photos, no conversations. Sometimes I think people question if I 'm real. You 're the one that makes believe But you, you 're an angel. A creation of the highest

  • Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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    I remember that day when I moved into that town. It was a fresh and clear day. The birds were singing and the sun was shining all over. I had unpacked and had decided to explore around the place. I went through the shops and the park, and there nothing interested me. I don’t know why but, nothing was interesting. I had walked around and I was pretty sure that I had seen something shimmering in the sunlight, but when I looked closer, it was gone. Now, I will tell you how I became this: a ghost. Over

  • The Death Of A Fountain

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    It was hot. So hot, that sweat caused clothes clung to all skin it came into contact with. This sweat was dripping off her as if it was forced water cascading from a small opening at the top of the head of a statue standing in the center of a fountain. However, it wasn’t a statue standing in the center of a fountain, but a small child on her knees leaning up against a wall. If this was not the worst bed bell dream a child receive as a gift, then the horror that came next to mind was told true.

  • A Small Town About Twenty Miles Out Of San Francisco

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    mother, Debby, shared a special bond that no one else had, not even her and her boyfriend. Megan and her mother looked significantly alike. Megan and her mother both had beige blonde hair with light blue-green eyes. They were alike in ways other than physical appearance, too. They had their differences in life but they were two peas in a pod. Megan felt like she could tell her mother anything and everything, but all that would change in the matter of one day. I slammed the door shut behind me as I

  • My Day Of My Volunteering Program At The University Of Florida

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    the greenest carpet I have ever seen. The nurse looked at me and smiled “This is the pediatric floor, just keep following me.” I continued following the nurse down the hall and as I looked up I saw tiles on the ceiling with different drawings on each one and different names. We reached two double doors that was opened by a gray button the nurse pushed. As the double doors open children were revealed, they were no older than ten years old and looked sick. It did not take me very long to notice tubes

  • It Began During The Summer

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    longed for the perfect guy. Ever since she was little; reading about true love, and hearing about true love. It gave her hope that one day she’ll find someone just like the gentlemen in the books. Of course, she knew, “fairy tales” at the age of sixteen? Pretty foolish. Yet, as she matured, Noel finally realized she’d never find that “perfect guy” at her age. Then, one day, Noel met the guy. His name was Austin. He was the sweetest, handsomest guy. After talking to him for a while, she learned he

  • The Problem Of Voluntary Lapses

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    enough. How your arm hung so gracefully on my shoulder and mine slinked shyly around your waist. how we felt formidable walking down the street like that together. Formidable. There is no other word. It felt like that was all we did, take on city blocks one at a time like they were ours to take. You with your redeye and cigarettes, me with my cappuccino. How on that last day, I untangled myself from you and, oh, I was so worried. I asked you if you would call me, would we still talk?” my voice got tiny

  • William Shakespeare 's ' The Bed '

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    move. He sucked in air through a tube in his throat and the machines pushed the oxygen into him in a rhythmic tempo that was almost irritating. The machines around him hummed and made faint noises that filled the room with an ambient presence. The one closest to him beeped