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  • Short Story : ' Darkness '

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    anyone in her family they would love to take her in once she becomes healthy until anyone could take her in. As me and my husband keep watching the news and seeing how much better this young girl is getting is making us miss our kids even more. Almost one year later I was reading the newspaper and it said a young girl in eighth-grade is the star of her volleyball team. I read over the article many times not

  • Questionnaire On The 's Right, Amen

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    their fellow students and peers to help them through it, when you got all these teachers on campus that get paid to teach us to be here with us, why can’t they be our mentors? They need to have a leadership program or a mentorship program to where one of the teachers could mentor students. INTERVIEWEE 1: You know what, there are more students then there are teachers. INTERVIEWEE: Well, get your fellow students to do it too. INTERVIEWEE 1: Yeah, then there are student like me, I’ve helped, especially

  • I Want For A Dating App

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    safe to say I wasn’t looking for like, love or a relationship. We started talking, and within the same day you asked me for my number, because you “hate talking on this app”, so I gave it to you. From there we started texting; we asked each other random questions about each other with the hopes of getting to know each other and our conversations never seem to end, until one of us fell asleep while texting (mostly you/Gabriel). But we would always pick back up from right where we left off the following

  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Therapist

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    Great talk today Mr. O'Neill. If you would like I could give you my personal number, we can set up another appointment, or if you ever need to talk, give me a call." He took the card from my hand and with a grateful smile and a nod he was gone. I was aghast. What was this? After 12 years of work as a therapist never had I genuinely

  • How I Am A Monumental Task

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    I am going to try to write this in hopes of expressing my feelings for you, but that will be a monumental task because I know that there is no way that I will be able to fully express how happy you make me feel. I feel privileged and blessed to have met you. I am so euphoric now, and it 's all because of you. I can 't stop thinking about you, and you always manage to plaster a smile on my face. You bring to me immeasurable joy, and your warmth and caring gives me the feeling that the best is still

  • Creative Story : A Short Story

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    she even knows about it.” “Do you remember Raksha Bandhan?” Aiko asked. “Yes,” Danny smiled. “I still have the rakhi you gave me, from just about every year.” It took a minute, Danny smiled as he watched what he had said sink in. Aiko’s face turned hot pink. “What?” “We never did the

  • Essay on Differences between Lives in Solingen and Phoenix

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    everything about it. But with the time I realized that Phoenix is not more different than my town in Germany, Solingen. It's a not a big city but it is a very beautiful one with many small streets and small houses around them. I had even the impression that the life in Germany was more exciting than in Phoenix. Now I'm living in Phoenix for over one year and I can say now that there are many differences between those two countries which had a big influence at our further lives. I'm talking about differences

  • Personal Narrative Essay : A Short Story

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    into my room with the suitcase and locked the door shut. “I got you a car service to bring you to the airport. We’re flying out of different airports so I can’t bring you.” She said with a very low, saddened tone of voice. This is just great. One, she’s leaving me for two months to someone I barely know. Two, she can’t even take me to the airport. What’s next, I’m going to get lost at the airport? Or maybe, I’ll go to the wrong gate for the wrong flight. Nothing is going my way, nothing

  • Best Friends : My Best Friend

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    Best friends are the people that will never lie to you, always be there for you, and never leave your side, or so they say. Jose was one of the best best friends I've ever had, he was there for me every time I was upset and was always there to make me laugh and smile. Everything was perfectly fine but then it began to go downhill on the first day of school. “You’ll always be my best friend,” he said, but he lied. “I’ll always be here for you,” they said, until they left. People will always leave

  • Descriptive Essay About Angelo

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    “You were fantastic,” cries Patsy as I approach the table. At some point after my performance, Angelo had granted her freedom. She opens her arms, inviting me into her embrace which I accept. “Thank you. Do you want to sit?” “Actually, can we dance?” she asks, raising an eyebrow. “Sure.” I allow her to lead us a little way from the table. Though I'm sure if I was to glance towards our table, I would see both Angelo and John. Nevertheless, I refuse to allow my gaze to wander, despite their protest