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  • Broken Billing Process at the SeaCube Container Leasing Company

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    Seattle, WA Professor Jean Geer MBA505 Business Communications Course Abstract This authoritative paper presents a broken billing process for the SeaCube Container Leasing Company and presents a solution to fix and improve the process. It has been written in order so the management of SeaCube Container Leasing Company can support and implement the proposed improvement to the billing process. This paper will cite references in adherence to the APA writing format for clarity. Team Authorative Paper

  • Promotion Of The Archery Trade Association

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    Promotion A 2009 survey by the Archery Trade Association reported the percent of advertising mixes that have been most effective in the archery industry. The pricing was received from primary sources such as Superior Archery, Billings Gazette, and Carmike cinema. Signage It is important for Superior Archery to implement its new symbol in the form of a sign on the property of the facility in order to introduce and reinforce Superior Archery’s brand. The sign will help draw attention and will be recognizable

  • The Billing Of Billing Medicare

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    The billing for services not rendered for are often done as a way of billing Medicare for things or services, that basically never occurred. This can involve forging the signature of those enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid, and the use of bribes or as Healthcare calls it, kickbacks to corrupt healthcare professionals. Upcoding of services is the act of billing Medicare programs for services that are more costly than the actual procedure that was done. Upcoding of items is also very similar to upcoding

  • Medical Billing And Coding And Billing

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    Introduction My career that I am researching for my junior project is Medical Coding and Billing. Medical Coding and Billing are two different jobs. Medical Coding is when a patient has any medical procedure or exam such as going to the doctor for the stomach virus or even going to the hospital for a broken bone. They work with the insurance companies by putting a specific number into the computer. There’s CPT Codes which stands for Current Procedural Terminology which is “ Codes to better understand

  • Medical Billing

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    Running Head: MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING Medical Billing and Coding as a Career Abstract: Since I became a mother, I have always wanted a job that would allow me to work at home. I have an associate in accounting and tried doing bookkeeping from home but that did not really work out. I did some research and found that being an insurance medical biller and coder is one of the best jobs to have for working at home. Top Medical Billers can earn over $40,000 a year either at home or in

  • Electronic Bill Payment in Canada

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    1-Introduction: In today’s evolutionary world, where technology keeps on revolutionizing our everyday tasks, electronic bill presentment and payment offer a whole new billing process by offering online and real time presentment of bills and payment choices. It offers great advantages and significantly improves customer care and customer relationship management. We will cover the information found in an electronic bill, followed by the process of a bill presentment. We will briefly compare traditional

  • The Importance Of Billing

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    important to review the process to ensure proper billing and that a facility is not overbilling or underbilling for a medication or service. I would select a multiple hospital healthcare corporation to apply the ‘Total Quality Tools” to since there are large gaps between the departments and a lot of waste takes place throughout the company especially throughout the billing process. There are many systems and multiple departments that all contribute to billing, for example, the pharmacy formulary houses

  • Medical Billing : The Pros And Cons Of Medical Billing

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    Medical billing in and of itself can be a complex and sensitive subject. While some patients are able to easily pay their medical bills, some have a harder time. At some point, places that offer medical care will encounter patients either unable or unwilling to pay their medical bills, and eventually these fees will need to have action taken in order to collect them. The two ways that medical facilities can choose from to collect their patients’ delinquent bills are either in-house collections

  • Billing System

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    third year IT students in the College of Information and Computing Studies (CICS) Department. System Scopes and Limitation The study focused on the design and development of a Billing System for MSV3. It is focused mainly on pricing and billing of the store’s products. This system will help the store keeper in fast billing, maintain a great database of all customers visited and

  • Medical Billing Essays

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    medical assistant, technician medical coder or biller. Someone like me, don't like to deal with patient. Medical biller and coder is a good opportunity for me to work at. But what are medical biller and coder? Job Description First of all, medical billing is a process of submitting claims to insurance companies in order for health care provider to receive payment for service. Medical biller is the person that deals with claims. There are two different