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  • Environmental Pollution And Its Effects On The Country Of Indonesia

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    With both a growing population and a booming industrial economy, the country of Indonesia is experiencing rapidly growing pollution issues, including: mass deforestation, smog, water pollution, and various other forms of environmental destruction. As a poverty ridden nation lead by a government with too few resources at its disposal the issues of extreme pollution are often put on hold to other societal issues. In Indonesia, many forms of environmental pollution / destruction are not only affecting

  • Air Pollution : The Causes And Effects Of Air Pollution In The World

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    Dogs have to go outside every day to go to the bathroom, get some exercise, or just to play with their owner. What if every time these precious animals went outside, the chance of acquiring cancer was a higher risk than ever? This may be the future. In saying this, it may not be a common thought going through every person’s mind. Awareness of the social, economical, and resourceful features of the earth may not be stressed from day to day life as much as humans abuse the air that encompases them

  • Taking a Look at Trickling Filters

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    have a simple design in which media is placed in a container that has a partially open bottom so water drains out [45]. The biofilter container can be constructed of a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, glass, metal, concrete, or any other nontoxic substance. The size of the biofilter directly determines the carrying capacity of fish in the system. Larger biofilters have a great ammonia assimilation capacity and can support greater fish production [43]. From the fish tank water with high

  • Water Quality Of The Mine Drainage Running Into The Afon Goch North

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    original to the site, as is the case at Parys Mountain.   Figure * shows the pathway of the mine drainage before eventually running off into the Afon Goch North. As the water exits the mine with a pH below 2 and a near reducing condition, a peat biofilter will work effectively to remove metals from solution. As the water travels through the

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aquaponics

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    This system is only suitable for small-sized plants because large plants that have big roots will clog the pipes. The plants are placed in a net pot within the holes of the pipe. In this technique, a mechanical solid separator and biofilter needs to be added. a biofilter is necessary because that is where the nitrification process will

  • Texas House Representative Dwayne Bohac Essay

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    Texas House Representative Dwayne Bohac represents the Houston district of 138 which I currently have the pleasure of living in. Bohac was born on September 04, 1966 in the Northwest area of Houston, Texas. He has been a resident of the district he has been elected to represent for most of his life and is also member of the Republican Party. He attended Scarborough High School and later furthered his education at Texas A&M University. Bohac decided to pursue two majors earning bachelor degrees in

  • Types, Effects, and Controls of Air Pollution

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    harmless gases. Another way of controlling emissions is the production of hybrid cars that run on electricity and other type of fuels. Another method of clearing the air is that of biofiltration. “The most common air pollution control application of biofilters is the microbiotic oxidation of contaminants in the air.

  • ##ssel : The Positive Impacts Of The Zebra Mussel

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    The silent invaders are here to stay, the impact of the zebra mussel The positive impacts of the zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) and its beneficial effects it has to human health and improving water quality. To biologists, alien species are of great interest, a wonder of “biological invasions” (Cox, 2004), by moving species beyond their native geographic range into an area in which it does not naturally occur have rapidly revealed alien species and how they react when introduced into an ‘alien’

  • Global Warming : A Potential Solution

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    Bioremediation: A potential solution to reduce our footprint Industrialized societies are now tormented by several pollution problems that were largely unknown prior to WWII. Prominent among these problems is environmental pollution of xenobiotic synthetic chemicals that fail to be recycled by microorganism and may be biomagnified with destructive effects. Also, deforestation, land conversion, overhunting and the burning of fossil fuels are other human’s activities that impact negatively our ecosystem

  • Effects Of Turbiridity Due On Land Use

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    High rates of surface runoff and erosion of land covered by annual crops have high levels of turbidity in receiving water specially in spring when vegetation cover is minimal. • Wetlands used in removal of bacterial contamination in rivers , act as biofilter which increases the turbidity. • Turbidity is negatively related with the forested areas and positively with the annual crops and urban land use. • Annual crops have more turbidity than the perennial the when annual crops are converted into