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  • Gaia: Argument over a single word Essay

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    Introduction Whenever one hears the word Gaia, he or she will also hear life, goddess, purpose, ecology, and undoubtedly controversy. Not many topics have provoked more controversy among the scientific community than the idea that the atmosphere, biosphere, and its living organisms behave as a single system, striving to maintain a stability that is conducive to the existence of life—the so-called Gaia theory or Gaia hypothesis. The main

  • Is The Terrestrial Biosphere?

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    Abstract The terrestrial biosphere has an important role in the carbon cycle (Schimel, 1995); the one third of the total CO2 that comes from human activity in the atmosphere is absorbed by the terrestrial carbon sink (IPCC, 2013). The Kyoto Protocol included the last years the terrestrial carbon sources and sinks into emissions reduction because is that part of the global C cycle which can most directly be managed (IGBP Terrestrial Carbon Working Group, 1998). In this essay is analyzed in an overall

  • The Importance Of Life On Earth

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    David Suzuki provided an educational video on how us as humans make a big difference in our world. We are the earth, we aren't just a species that is on the earth, and we are every different kind of essence of earth. The earths resources and problems that go on in our world are from us, we are our only hope to keep or save the way our planet is going. Globalization is a big part in the way we treat our planet and how it will turn out, how we treat it will depend on how we react to problems. Gaia’s

  • Essay on The Vanishing Face of Gaia

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    Reference: Lovelock, James, The Vanishing Face of Gaia A Final Warning, Allen Lane an imprint of Penguin Books, London, England.2009, 178 pages. Basic Information: Title: The Vanishing Face of Gaia A Final Warning  Author: James Lovelock  Year of publication: London, England in 2009  Publisher: Penguin Books LTD  Number of pages: 178 pages About the author: James Lovelock was born on July 26, 1919 in Letchworth Garden City in the United Kingdom

  • Biosphere Worksheet Essay

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    University of Phoenix Material Biosphere Worksheet Section A: Answer the following questions in complete sentences. 1. Define biosphere. Describe the part of the biosphere where humans can survive. Biosphere can be described as our whole earth and all living entities that dwell in it. 2. Based on this week’s required readings, what are the main causes of threats to the biosphere? The main causes of threats to the biosphere revolve around all the no sustainable practices that directly

  • The Importance Of The Gaia Theory

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    Known as the Gaia Theory – aptly named after the Ancient Greek primordial deity Gaia, a primal “Mother Earth” goddess who birthed all life in existence – Lovelock argued that organisms would interact with their inorganic surroundings to form a synergistic self-regulating system capable of maintaining and perpetuating the conditions necessary for life. This self-regulatory system, named Gaia, results from the close coupling between organisms and their environment to create a “Mother Earth” that seeks

  • Taking a Look at the Earth's Biosphere

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    The Earth’s biosphere is considered to be the most inclusive layer on the planet; simply put, the biosphere is where life happens. What makes the biosphere so exceptional is the fact that there is no record of life existing anywhere else in space. All of the organisms that inhibit the biosphere impact it in some way. However, humans have the largest impact on the biosphere through the means of industrialization, reproduction, and consumption. As with all of the other organisms inhibiting the biosphere

  • Human Destruction Of The Biosphere Essay

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    The biologist E.O. Wilson estimated in 2002 that if current rates of human destruction of the biosphere continue, one-half of all plant and animal species of life on earth will be extinct in 100 years. In a survey in1998 conducted by the New York’s American Museum of Natural nearly of 70% of the 400 biologists interested believed that the Earth is currently in the early stages of a human-caused mass extinction, known as the Holocene extinction. In that survey, the same proportion of respondents agreed

  • Effects Of Capitalism On Production And Conservation Of Nature

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    soil and trees from their native place to an alien place and calling it a conservational phenomenon seems paradoxical and requires further analysis. The idea of colonizing space as a future prospect has been explored particularly with reference to Biosphere 2 a comparison between the present responses to the crisis and relevant responses which have been proposed but not implemented has also been discussed in this report. To sum up this report analyzes the political and capitalistic motives behind the

  • Biosphere Water Ecosystem Research Paper

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    4.02 The Biosphere, Water Ecosystem Choose one specific lake, river, sea or bay. You will be researching biotic and abiotic factors about that lake ecosystem. Name of lake/river/sea/bay: Lake Superior Location: Lake Superior is located in North America. Geography (describe the land that surrounds your body of water): Lake Superior is the largest fresh water lake in the world by surface area and the third largest in the world by volume. Lake Superior is very cold so it causes the land surrounding