Birgenair Flight 301

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  • Birgenair Flight ALW-301

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    of these accidents. There was pilot error reported in these accident investigations. First, lets discuss the Birgenair flight ALW-301. Birgenair Flight ALW-301, was a flight from Gregario Luperon International Airport, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic headed to Frankfurt, Germany. ALW-301 crashed on February 6, 1996. The aircraft that was originally placed into service for this flight went down for a mechanical failure. Thus, having the crew to switch

  • How Do Airspeed Indicators And Altimeters Work?

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    flying at low altitudes (2,500 ft. and below). The difference between the two is one uses frequencies and the other uses static air (Kirchhoff, 2011). Turkish Airlines Flight 1951 crashed on February 25, 2009 due to a faulty radio altimeter and pilot error. The radio altimeter started producing faults during the final segment of the flight when the aircraft was roughly 2,000 feet above the ground. The captain’s altimeter instantly changed from 1950 ft. to -8 ft. Because the pilots had auto throttles

  • Personal Narrative: A Career In Aviation

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    Yet, from my previous knowledge with military pilots. They may know how certain things work in the aircraft, they have no idea how to right up discrepancies for maintainers to understand. For instance. Look at Birgenair Flight ALW-301. If the pilots would have known a little about how an aircrafts system works. The accident could have been avoided all together. My rant is all over the place. I do not know where to maintain just one area of disappointment in the aviation