Black Community Essay

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  • The Black And Female Community

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    A discourse community is something we all are a part of in some way or another, whether we are aware of not. Being that I am young, black and female, I automatically belong to three common discourse communities. I am most proud to be a part of the black and female community because in today’s society, a black female is the least desired, least respected, and least appreciated species. (Kane, 2014) Nonetheless, it is time we start desiring, respecting, and appreciating ourselves. I am proud to be

  • Depression In The Black Community

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    not taken serious and they have no help or support to get through their hard times. People of color are usually the ones to suffer. Mental health is stigmatized in the black community. Depression can impact all kinds of people that come from different paths of life, but it is expressed and addressed differently in the black community. According to the Center for Disease Control, in 2011, 7.6% of African-Americans sought treatment for depression compared to 13.6% of the general population (Mental Health:

  • The Black Community : Sula

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    The Black Community Sula further investigates the repressive white society 's influence on the black community and examines the corruptive forces which compel the members of the black society to reject and alienate one of their own people. The life of Sula Peace, while growing up in the black community of Medallion in the 1920s, is shaped by her experiences with family and friends. A strong sense of feminine identity is displayed in this independent young woman and when she returns to Medallion

  • Discrimination In The Black Community

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    racial, boundaries, and by the struggles to overturn them.” (Patterson 1998). Strides have been made which resulted in changes for the black community but there are still major problems that exist. Major problems such as poverty or educational attainment still burden the community. It is interesting to think about historically black neighborhoods. Most predominantly black

  • The Black Community Essay

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    Introduction Throughout history, blacks have been treated the poorest out of all races. Although everyone under God is to be treated equal, whites thought of themselves as being the superior race. In 1619 a Dutch ship brought 20 slaves to America and it took nearly 240 years for slavery to end in 1865(Ronald, , para. 3).These helpless slaves were taken to America and put to work growing anything from cotton to tobacco. Slaves had absolutely no rights. They were simply property of their “Massa’.”

  • The Black Community And Homophobia In The African American Community

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    identify as members of L.G.B.T.Q.I.A community have been chastised and mistreated for years, specifically Black Americans. Thousands of people who identify as members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual community have been suppressed of the ability to love freely without being ridiculed. Every human around the world deserves to be loved, regardless of their sexual orientation. Identifying as a member of the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A community does not make you abnormal. There is

  • The Impact Of Racism On The Black Community

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    Specifically, I have realized specific prejudices towards the black community. These feelings alongside the current events which have put the rights of black people front

  • Racial Profiling And The Black Communities

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    by this controversial subject include the impending distrust between black communities and law enforcement, unfair treatment towards all minorities by law enforcement, verbal and physical abuse of minorities by police officers which can sometimes lead to death, emotional unstableness of the victims whom have faced such a terrible judgement, and the negative impact it has on children of the minority groups. Many black communities throughout the U.S. have a complete lack of trust in law enforcement

  • Police Brutality And The Black Community

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    people, mainly whites, were able to do anything to black people without having to deal without dealing with the consequences. Families were destroyed, people died, babies were killed, and many unknown factors still to this day that will never be known. When slavery was abolished, it did not end right away. It took several years and still is not abolished if you look at in a political way. People of power, mainly white, were not happy that a black person could be seen as equals. This is the main reason

  • Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of The Black Community

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    views certain demographics of people. In particular, the black community has historically been viewed in a negative light. Stereotypes were created through literature and film that still affect African Americans. Directors and writers would create relatable stories and attach demeaning traits to black people that have qualities in common with Black Americans. This would force readers and viewers to subconsciously attach these stereotypes black people. Examples of these stereotypes can be found in Uncle