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    The Black Dahlia Elizabeth Short famously known as the Black Dahlia was murdered in California in January 15, 1947. She was working as a waitress to support her dream of making it big in Hollywood. The Black Dahlia is one of the biggest unsolved murder mysteries in California to this day. It's been almost 70 years since the murder of Black Dahlia, and many are to believe it is the father of the retired LAPD detective Steve Hodel, his father being George Hodel. But still no one has been put guilty

  • The Black Dahlia Essay

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    Scott Paden Monica Lott Eng 11011 October 23, 2008 The Black Dahlia The 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short has remained one of Hollywood’s most notorious unsolved cases in Los Angeles history. The cold case has been passed down from detective to detective searching answers or any clues to help put the case to rest. The Black Dahlia was actually Elizabeth Short: a young, aspiring actress from a small town in Massachusetts. Elizabeth or Beth, as known by many, was born July 29, 1924

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    The Black Dahlia The story of the Black Dahlia has had people trying to find answers for years, with so many suspects and not many answers it only led to more mystery. Not much is known about the murder that happened and there are many possibilities, but among all the suspects one thing is clear and that is Ed burns didn't commit the crime. George Hodel committed the murder and there is a lot of evidence against him to prove this statement. In the murder of the Black Dahlia, Ed Burns didn't commit

  • Elizabeth Short, The Famous Black Dahlia

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    noticed what she thought was a mannequin in an empty lot. With further investigation she noticed it was a real body and she rushed to a nearby house to call the police. So the question is, who’s body was it? The answer? Elizabeth Short, the famous Black Dahlia. Elizabeth was born in Boston July 29, 1924 to her parents Cleo and Phoebe Short. Her father left randomly and wasn’t heard from until years later. She left for Miami when she was 16 and grew up there until she was 19, where she then moved to

  • The Black Dahlia Killer And Murder Case

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    1947,the brutal murder of Elizabeth Short shocked America.  Another factor complicating the case was the obsession developed by men with the Black Dahlia in death-as many as been obsessed with her life” (Finis Brown 3).  The Black Dahlia killer and murder case is a monstrous and heinous topic because of the wicked things that were done to her.  The Black Dahlia case was distinctive for Elizabeth’s upbringing and before she was murdered,what the crime was and what happened to her, and how cunning and

  • Who Is The True Black Dahlia Assailant?

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    The True Black Dahlia Assailant? The Black Dahlia is a murder case that occurred in Los Angeles, California in 1947, where a woman was brutally murdered. The victim murdered was a woman by the name of Elizabeth Short; an aspiring actress, only twenty two years of age. Her naked body, completely drained of blood, was found cut in half and mutilated in a vacant lot of a residential section in Leimert Park, Los Angeles. Shortly after her death newspapers gave her the nickname The Black Dahlia. This nickname

  • Essay on The Black Dahlia: The Life of Elizabeth Short

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    A woman taking a peaceful morning stroll in central Los Angeles with her three year-old daughter, came across what she thought was a mannequin broken in half. But as she got closer to the figure laying in the dirt face up, she realized that it wasn’t a broken mannequin, it was something far worse. It was a woman’s naked body, cut in half. Her hair was tattered, she had gashes cut into the corner of her mouth and her intestines were tucked into her buttocks. It was a very macabre scene. When the

  • American Myths and Mysteries Essay

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    Throughout the many decades that America has been in existence there have been many interesting mysteries that have not been solved and myths passed down from generation to generation. No one knows what caused these myths to come about or why these mysteries were never solved, but they are a very interesting part of American history. From mysteries involving serial killers to myths about mysterious creatures, there is a wide range of the unknown that many people, except for witnesses, have never

  • Short Story : Dahlias Adventure : It's Adventure?

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    Dahlias Adventure “Dahlia it's time to go, the symphony starts at 7, we’re going to be late.” her mother yelled. “Coming mom.” Dahlia said as she grabbed her coat and snow boots. It was snowing out and Dahlia wanted to make certain that she stayed warm and dry. Dahlia, her little brother Marcus, and her parents scurried out the out the house and jumped into their black minivan. Dahlia’s Dad pulled out of the driveway as Premonitions was playing on the van speakers. “Hey mom turn it up” Marcus said

  • The Black Dahlia By James Elroy And The Interview With The Vampire By Anne Rice Essay

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    popular fiction and offering counter augments to these claims; as well as refuting that the terms ‘formulaic’, ‘commercial’ and ‘escapist’ should be used in a negative context. Additionally, this essay will take two examples of popular fiction; The Black Dahlia by James Elroy and The Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice to demonstrate that popular fiction can have literary qualities. Firstly, the claim that for a piece of fiction to be ‘commercial’ degrades the quality of the work; is contradictory