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  • Black Men and Public Space

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    what later became social rules, giving rise to things such as prejudice. In Brent Staples essay “Black Men and Public Space” this is clearly shown by the authors own experiences of antipathy

  • Black Men And Public Space

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    the future. Due to the stigma that black men are all thieves, robbers , and criminals, they are more likely to be targeted by the police. If that stigma was magically erased and people stopped viewing Blacks as criminals, the world would be much more peaceful. This can be done merely through education,telling the truth about blacks and less assumptions. This idea derives from Brent Staples’ “Black Men and Public Space” (Revelations 167) and Meta Carstarphen’s “Black Versus Blue: Time for a Cease-Fire

  • Black Men And Public Spaces

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    personality. Brent Staples is an author and writer for the New York Times. He gives two simple examples of two different people in his excerpts “Black Men and Public Spaces” and “Parallel Time” showing their differences and parallelism. “Black Men in Public Spaces” and “Parallel Time” show how two black men have been stereotyped. Brent Staples on “Black Men in public spaces” recited that “My first victim was a woman- white, well dressed, probably in her early twenties. I came upon her late one evening on a

  • Black Men and Public Space

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    Black Men and Public Space Essay In Brent Staples’ personal essay “Black Men and Public Space”, he tells the readers what happen to a young black man in an urban setting. He pinpointed that people often stereotype you because of color, race, gender, culture or appearance. In addition, the author expresses to us that he notices the space between him and other people, such as women on the street. Some people may disagree that women set a certain amount of space when walking by a black man on the

  • Black Men And Public Space

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    According to Brent Staples, in his book, “Black Men and Public Space”, he articulates about his experience as a young black man, moving from his small hometown to Chicago, to attend the University of Chicago. He shared that one late evening, walking on a deserted street in Hyde Park, which was an upscale neighborhood in the impoverished section of Chicago. While walking alone on the street, he saw a white, well dressed young lady, walking alone on the same street. He was a distance behind her

  • Black Men in Public Space

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    In the short essay, “Black Men in Public Space” written by Brent Staples, discusses his own experiences on how he is stereotyped because he is an African American and looks intimidated in “public places” (Staples 225). Staples, an intelligent man that is a graduate student at University of Chicago. Due to his skin complexity, he is not treated fairly and always being discriminated against. On one of his usual nightly walks he encountered a white woman. She took a couple glances at him and soon began

  • Black Men And Public Space Essay

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    that are an example of that are “Black Men and Public Space” by Brent Staples and “The F Word” by Firoozeh Dumas. The stories, “Black Men and Public Space” and “The F Word” are similar because both characters were discriminated against themselves, were not the only ones harassed, and each went through a tough moment. One of the ways the two essays are similar is because both characters were discriminated against themselves. For example, In Black men and Public Space Staples was discriminated against

  • Black Men And Public Spaces Analysis

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    Staples, Black Men and Public Spaces, and Ivan’s, Get a Knife Get a Dog but Get Rid of Guns, are two different stories who barely share any of the same information except for people being in harm. Staple's story about his life experiences of being a man who is feared when walking into a jewelry store seemed different from a woman trying to get pro-gun people to switch to knives instead for their safety. From the two stories, I pulled out one thing in my mind that could pull them together as far as

  • Stereotypes In 'Black Men And Public Space'

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    born from fear and ignorance. They are used to wrongly judge an individual or group. Brent Staples, a black man, is no stranger to this. “Black Men and Public Space,” written by Staples, he discusses his experiences as a black man; often being mistaken as a criminal because of his appearance. Most people see his universal identity and not who he really is. Living in the city of Chicago as a black man, he is frequently categorized as a thug or aggressor. The purpose of his essay is to inform the readers

  • Black Men and Public Space in America

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    Black Men and Public Space: An Agent of Change African-American men and white men are born and raised within the continental U.S.; each of their own faculty empowered to change the social injustice of a society. The innate qualities of the African American do not compare to those of the white man, yet - “empowered” they are with character. The foundation for the concept –“character” is best defined as “holistic,” meaning of physical, mental and social qualities – A. Adler’s school of thought,