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  • Essay On Black Saturday Bushfires

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    A natural disaster is defined as “Any event or force of nature that has catastrophic consequences” (***). This report investigates the Black Saturday Bushfires that consumed Victoria and its surrounding areas on the 7th of February 2009; examining the extent of its impact on both the community and the land. Black Saturday wrote itself into Victoria’s history with unprecedented weather conditions; creating the environmental conditions that permitted the day’s events. The scale and ferocity of such

  • Bushfires are Common Occurrence within Australia

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    Bushfires are common occurrences within Australia, with each summer an average of 54,000 burning across the country, but this one in particular took a higher toll than previous bushfires. On the 7th of February 2009 a series of devastating bushfires burned across several townships in Victoria. The flames claimed 173 lives, injured 500, destroyed over 2000 homes and injured or killed millions of wildlife. This day became known as Black Saturday. Different individuals and community groups who were

  • Reflection On Environmental Sustainability

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    when in the classroom. Part A The first experience I had was travelling through an area called Baynton about 100kms north east of Melbourne early in 2009. It was about 6 weeks after the Black Saturday bushfires devastated the whole region, driving through was incredibly eerie and unsettling. Everything was black and charred, in the paddocks there was no grass, no fences, all the trees were burnt trunks, no foliage at all was present. There were no animals grazing in the paddocks, no wildlife was

  • Australian Bushfires Essay

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    known in Australia as bushfires, are a frequent and often devastating occurrence in Australian life. With bushfires come numerous adverse effects on an individual, and the country as a whole. Loss of life, property damage, water supply issues, and economic impact are all byproducts of bushfires. In fact, bushfires have accounted for over 800 deaths in Australia since 1851 and the total accumulated cost of damage is estimated at $1.6 billion. Because of these factors, bushfires have become an unavoidable

  • Weather Conditions On Black Saturday

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    - Heatwaves: The weather conditions on Black Saturday were some of the worst weather conditions ever recorded. In the weeks preceding the bushfires, there had been a series of exceptional heatwaves in south-eastern Australia and particularly Victoria. The heatwave that accompanied the bushfires on the day broke records. Much of Victoria, including Melbourne and 20 other centres registered unprecedented maximum temperatures. Melbourne reached 46.4° Celsius, the highest in 154 years of record keeping

  • Analysis Of Christine Nixon 's Theory On The Culture Of Victoria Police

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    University (Ehrich et al.2007). She was the first woman in the history of Australia who rose to the top in the male-dominated field of policing. From March 2009, she chaired the Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority, an authority created to rebuild communities following Victoria 's Black Saturday Bushfires in February 2009 <> As a commissioner she was responsible for 12,800 staff operating in 550 work locations. Christine started her career at a

  • Essay on Myer Swot Analysis

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    Contents 1. Introduction 2. SWOT analysis 3. Stakeholder analysis 4. Strategic Initiatives 5.1 Suitability and Feasibility 5.2 Impact on major stakeholders 5.3 Shareholder value implication 5. Proposals to management 6. Strategy Map and Balanced Score Card 7. Conclusion Reference Appendix A External Analysis Appendix B Internal Analysis Executive Summary Myer, the largest department store retailer in Australia, re-listed on the Australian