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  • Blarney Stone Research Paper

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    including the Blarney Castle: a legendary, medieval stronghold which possesses a mythological rock coined “the Blarney Stone.” This stone is known to bestow the gift of gab to all those who kiss it, so it was an Irish obligation to perform this generations old ritual. Without realizing the importance of kissing the Blarney Stone, we were informed afterward that the tradition held more significance than our group could have imagined. When we reported this to people from towns far from the Blarney Castle

  • The Not So Lucky Blarney Stone

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    The Not So Lucky Blarney Stone In the heart of the Irish Capital of Nebraska, O’Neill, lies a restaurant that is known for its Irish food and Irish hospitality. The Blarney Stone Restaurant houses both a café and steakhouse. According to the restaurant’s website, the Blarney Stone hosts several events in its Nebraska Room that has a seating capacity of 400 (Blarney Stone, n.d.). Despite being in the center of the town and a prime location during Saint Patrick’s Day, the service provided by the business

  • Personal Reflection Paper On Travel

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    Madi, Paige, Trey, Kaylin, Lonnie (you) got the exciting experience to go see the Blarney Castle and Gardens. What I expected from this place was just a castle with a stone that you kiss to get eloquence, but what I experienced was much more. This place was breathtaking, and I was able to experience it with a great group of people! This place had a lot of history and helped shape the culture of Ireland. The Blarney stone is very special because over 200 years people have climbed the castle to the

  • The Kidney Stone Research Paper

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    The Blarney Stone, according to legend, grants one with elegance and persuasiveness when he or she kisses it. The Blarney Castle is the structure that contains the Blarney Stone and is 20 feet tall. The castle’s original wooden structure was built by the McCarthy’s of Muskerry around 1010 and they replaced that structure with a stone one two centuries later in 1210. Cormac McCarthy, the King of Munster, supplied 4,000 men to increase Robert the Bruce’s forces for the battle of Bannockburn in 1314

  • Informative Speech On Spaniad Inn

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    The Spaniard Inn Mrs. Sparr, have you heard of Spaniard, Don Juan d’Aquila? Well, he fought in the battle of Kinsale in 1601. The Spaniard Inn was named after him so you should go there on your trip. Since you can’t decide over which place we students say to go to, why don’t you go get food instead of sightseeing. After all, you still need to eat right. In my opinion, even if you do pick someone else’s place to go still eat at The Spaniard Inn. The Spaniard Inn has been in Ireland for a long

  • Mlk Celebration Of Unity

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    and prosperous community. Additionally the event served as a chance to acknowledge the diversity within the city, allowing for residents to recognize the unique opportunities that can be uncovered when we tear down walls and unify as a community. Blarney Bash Leaping leprechauns and live entertainment make for

  • Fight Club Essay

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    Alan Badel English 100/Major Essay #2 Professor Raymond Morris 23 October 2015 The Fight Club Aims to Free Individuals from Society’s Emasculating Shackles Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club is an exciting fictional novel that will hold the audience captive following three revolving main characters in Marla Singer, Tyler Durden, and the narrator himself as they take the reader through confusing twists and perspectives, while providing a most revealing closure. Although the title suggests an exclusive

  • The Ethics Of The State Of Utah

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    In the state of Utah, statistically one in three women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime, and one in eight will be raped. (Morgan, E. 2014). Campuses nationwide, and specifically the state of Utah, are feeling the weight of this issue impact the campus environment. In the past, the honor code system at Brigham Young University interfered with the legal process, “revictimized” victims of rape and sexual assault, and most importantly, sent a message to the student body that they should not

  • St Patrick Day Research Paper

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    Ireland, many know this country for its vast never-ending green grass, and from the tales of the never ending rain. Or maybe just from the celebration that we practice every year called “St.Patricks Day.” Well, luckily we are going to take a brief look into this country’s culture, the role that dancing plays in Ireland, and also we will go over three of the most influential dances that Ireland has. So lets get started as I take you to a beautiful country about 4,000 miles away from sunny Tampa, Florida

  • Ireland Is The Pot Of Gold

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    At the end of the rainbow, there lies a pot of gold called Ireland. Ireland is a European country thought to be full of luck, but instead it is a country rebuilding its economic identity from a devastating tragedy. This country is a land of kindness, tradition, tenacity, and ineffable beauty. Ireland is the pot of gold in this world with a royal history, a firm government, a reviving economy, a verdurous geography, ancient landmarks, and a wide variety of culture with competitive sports, extraordinary