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  • Why Blog And My Blog

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    Why Blog? Blogging. It’s risen in popularity in the past several years. Anyone can start their own blog. They are widely accessible and very personal. Recently, I began blogging inspired by a senior colleague whose words leapt from the page with wisdom and insight. I wanted to share my voice and my thoughts and even my life online as well. So I did, and with that came a multitude of positive chain reactions. I began to see the narrative of my life, what kinds of things I wrote about and what I

  • Blog Essay

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    How to get blog post ideas As a writer we all face the problem of not having ideas to write on. This is completely normally, but how you handle the issue is what matters. You need to: • Be open minded so as to grasp new ideas • Research more • Be current on new trends and technology • Brainstorm with others • Seek feedback from other people • Try and relax your mind • Expound on common topics • Be persistent and patient • Do things that will help increase your creativity capacity Here are some

  • Importance Of A Blog

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    interested in your blog whether it's for your business or personal blog is important to attract many visitors many blogs have died because people simply have lost interest. The main reason for this lack of interest, naturally, is the lack of content that should publish the blogger. By adding good material regularly and frequently push to your blog to be positioned on search engines, and that is essential for the survival of any blog. You may be wondering, what does that mean? How many blog entries I do

  • Blog Essay

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    Your Blog The number of total bloggers in the world is increasing rapidly and hundreds of newbies are entering into the blogging world. The first step for all is buying the domain name, creating blog and choosing the best theme or template for their blogs. Most of newbies are in the confusion to use proper and perfect theme for their blog which may have every recommended feature. Well, those are newbies and don't know much about choosing the perfect template, theme or design for their new blog. So

  • Blogs - From Printing Press to Blog Essay

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    From Printing Press to Blog Lance Arthur, a practiced and well-respected figure in the close-knit community of web design, subtitles his homepage ( with the short and simple phrase, "Just Write." Although his immediate profession is as a designer, Lance is also a writer. His website records his weekly musings and political rants, and it is one of several million to be updated on a regular basis. Such a website is called a blog, or web log, and in an age of the Internet

  • Blog Essay

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    So, you would like to know how to start a blog, make money from it, and possibly even do it while you work at home. Well, there is good news for you. It is easier than ever to do just that and it won't take you much time at all to get the ball rolling. The question you should be asking isn't "How to start a blog." The real question you should be asking yourself is, "How to start a profitable blog." While starting a blog because you love to write is great, you can also make a pretty decent penny

  • Blog Essay

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    Any individual can blog, but most don't make money from doing so. In fact, many people don't realize it is possible to make money with a blog. First and foremost, a person must have a blog and fill it with useful content. Until this step has been taken, a person cannot move forward and bring in some extra income or possibly replace a current paycheck. This blog must have followers also, as they are the ones who will help to bring money in. When these steps have been taken, it's time to begin monetizing

  • Blog of no Complacency in Business

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    yourself in business operations, is the feeling of complacency. My 10-week blog has given me a larger insight to the possibilities and expectations of business management. Not only did I blog about business management but also about starting up a business of my own. Collectively, my blog was a learning experience about the business world and all it has to offer. If I could tie together all of the knowledge I have gained from my blog and research I would categorize it as motivation and risk. With an unmotivated

  • Zoella Beauty Blog

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    Analysis: Beauty Blogs These days there are blogs for almost everything from hobbies to television shows to movies. This multimodal analysis will consist of reviewing three beauty blogs. Beauty blogs are used for reviews of beauty products such as make up and hair care. These blogs usually also offer posts on style, traveling, and fun recipes. The genre of a beauty blog is quite varied. One specific item of a blog is the two-way communication between author and reader, a blog should be able to

  • What Makes A Blog?

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    bloggers. What is a blog? A blog is a frequently updated online profile about a personal journal or small business. It is a place to express your idea into the world. A place to share your thoughts and your passions. It is also can be anything you want it to be. For instance, I can say that a blog is my own website that you are going to be updated constantly for a purpose or an interest that you have, blog is a short method for the web world of words. However, I have heard the term “blog” in many ways