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  • Blues And The Blues

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    The Blues is one of the most independent types of black music that has been influenced by the Afro-American traditions. The blues were not completely developed until all the slaves were announce free in 1862. When one listen to blues, one can hear that the genre is very much influences by the slaves` work songs and Negro Spirituals. Even when the slaves finally got their freedom, they were not seen as equals by the environment around them. A large amount of the Africans in America was poor and they

  • The Chicago Blues, A Style Of Blues

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    Chicago Blues The Chicago blues was a style of blues that developed, as the name suggests, in Chicago. It was a more modern type of blues and came about after the Great Migration of the 1900s. More than half a million African Americans migrated from the Mississippi Delta and headed north, towards cities like Chicago and Detroit (Public Broadcasting Service, 2015). The Great Migration was a mass migration of African Americans from the south to northern states, as stated earlier. They moved in search

  • Delta Blues, And Southern Blues : The Origin Of Blues Music

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    States, blues music is a temporal folk tradition that possesses lyrics remarking life. Blues music emphasizes the emotions of individuals; the performers express their various feelings of sorrow, anger, joy, or lust through music and words. The realistic perspective on fundamental emotions of all human beings delivered by blues music produces the appeal of blues around the world. There is a variety of blues music; however, the subgenres in this discussion will be classic delta blues, Texas blues, Soul

  • The Ragtime And The Blues

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    Both ragtime and the blues were essential and influential in their contributions to the development of jazz. Together, they served as the primary predecessors to the later, more complicated genre. Key elements from each brand are incorporated and mixed to create jazz. Without the creative geniuses of ragtime such as Scott Jopin and James Reese Europe and Blues propagators W.C. Hady and Robert Johnson, the distinctive genre of jazz would not have emerged. Ragtime and blues are both unique in their

  • Sonny's Blues

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    Sonny 's Blues A captivating tale of a relationship between two troubling brothers in Harlem, "Sonny 's Blues" is told from the perception of Sonny 's brother, whose name is never mentioned. Baldwin 's choice of Sonny 's brother as a narrator is what makes "Sonny 's Blues" significant in terms of illustrating the relationship and emotional complications of Sonny and his brother. The significance of "Sonny 's Blues" lies in the way Sonny 's brother describes their relationship based on what he

  • Sonny's Blues

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    How does Baldwin's real-life experience connect to his short story, "Sonny's Blues"? The writer was a poor boy growing up. He was also a Negro, so things were bad for him and his family in white America. He probably felt sad every day of his childhood so he turned to books for entertainment and maybe escape. When he started reading, he found that he liked it and wanted to create stories for other people to enjoy, but he was a poor Negro boy who could not expect help from the whites, so he taught

  • Comparing the Blues in Hughes' The Blues I'm Playing and Baldwin's Sonny's Blues

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    The Blues: in Hughes' The Blues I'm Playing and Baldwin's Sonny's Blues   In Langston Hughes' The Blues I'm Playing, the blues are the source of Oceola's life and her choices. Langston is trying to illustrate the conflict between life and art. The art in this story is represented in a confined manner, as a disciplined career with a white woman acting as the overseer in the young lady's life. Art to Oceola, with its profit, convenience and privileges offers an array of benefits, but being

  • Blues Boundaries And The Blues Angela Davis Analysis

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    Rebekah Scarborough 15 December 2017 History of the Blues Professor House Did Angela Davis get it wrong? As a consequence of slavery and segregation, Angela Y. Davis contends in ''Blues Legacies and Black Feminism,'' her study of the recordings of Billie Holiday and the blues vaudevillians Gertrude (Ma) Rainey and Bessie Smith, ''black social consciousness has been overdetermined by race,'' with too little attention paid to sex and virtually none to class. Davis, a professor of something

  • History of the Blues Essay

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    In one way shape or form Blues music has influenced almost every music artist and their work. Jazz and Blues gave way to such artists as Elvis Presley and Chuck Barry. The history and origins of Blues traces back many generations. Many articles have been written over the years helping readers better understand the history and importance of Blues music. All the articles have a similar attitude toward The Blues. Each article makes Blues Music's social and musical importance and impact blaringly

  • Analysis Of The Piedmont Blues

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    The Piedmont Blues By Yohan Mutta The Piedmont blues are a style of blues which started on the eastern to south-eastern coast of the USA, from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, through Virginia, south all the way to Florida, west to Georgia and the eastern part of Tennessee (UNCTV, 2014). The name was coined by Peter B. Lowry and Bruce Bastin (two blues experts), making reference to where its earliest roots have been traced to; The Piedmont plateau (Northern Virginia to Northern Georgia)