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  • The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

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    In the play Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare, we learn of the many hardships and highs Romeo and Juliet go through over the course of the story. The play Romeo and Juliet is based off two star-crossed lovers who are separated from each other due to a feud between their two families. Their love is so strong that at the end of the story Romeo and Juliet both end up committing suicide because they can’t live without each other. Whether it is problems with love, or them complimenting

  • The Last Duchess By Robert Browning

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    “Art is an expression of human creative skill and imagination” (google) Paintings are works of art created to express or let out a person’s creativity or feelings towards a certain subject. In Robert Browning’s dramatic monologue, “The Last Duchess”, he uses the painting as a symbolism of the Duke’s relationship with his former wife. Therefore, as the Duke tries to impress people with his wealth through the painting of Fra Pandolf, he instead unintentionally displays his true personality to others

  • Essay about stylistic analysis of The Things They Carried

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    Exercise 1 The Things They Carried EXCERPT ① 1. How is the term common secret typical of the phrasing of this whole passage? How is run or freeze or hide also typical of the excerpt's phrasing? In which sentences does O'Brien's phrasing seem especially clear, direct, and simple, and why is such phrasing so effective? How would you describe the tone of this passage? How might the tone easily have been quite different? For instance, how could it have been highly emotional and melodramatic? Why

  • Social Anxiety : A Mental Health Problem

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    Have you ever felt like you are overly nervous in social situations? Well if so, then you might have a mental disorder called social anxiety. Social anxiety could almost be a thing of the past unless a person chooses not to get treatment for it. There are many different treatments and skills to help reduce social anxiety by a ton. Social anxiety should not stop anybody from doing the things they love. So many other people have this disorder and do not want to get help because they do not want to

  • Only the Lonely Lose

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    breasts touched his chest, and he truly saw her for the first time since he asked her to dance. His lips touched her neck and the vibrations from his voice sent chills down her spine when he said, “Do you want to go outside? It’s getting hot in here.” Blushing she stopped dancing and put her hand in his, she did not doubt what the tone of the voice meant, it was happening at last. Hurrying to keep up with his stride she prayed that they would not bump into someone she knew. He dragged her through the crowded

  • Similarities And Common Steads In A Short Story

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    Has one as yourself ever read a story and started thinking, I can relate to this. Common threads are similarities between different stories or literature. A common thread can be anything from a theme, content, or location. It can be any piece that connects different pieces of literature or short stories. The purpose of my essay is the explore the similarities or common threads in the short stories we have read. Also to show how they connect to our lives. Sometimes people like to act different

  • My God Where Is Alaina Or Carolyn

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    Oh my god where is Alaina or Carolyn? I cannot wait to tell them about what am I going to do today! I thought to myself. I am a 6th grader who was Cupertino Middle School, early in the morning at 7:30 waiting for one of best friend’s to come so I could tell them something exciting. I had been waiting for minutes in the sun shine with so much excitement and happiness because it was the day where I was going to do something fantastically special! “Alaina, Alaina!” I shouted as I ran across to my friend

  • Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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    Lord of the Flies, is a story of adventure through nature and the human conscious. A group of boys, stranded on an island, become savage instead of working together and start fighting each other. Golding’s use of the war allegory shows how children can become as ruthless as adults when put in the right setting. While on the island, personality traits surfaced, such as their savageness, their carelessness, their fear, their hunger power, and their childish pride. Golding uses a war allegory to show

  • Short Story

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    " What do you think you are doing Nick?" " Nothing that interests you." Nick says stuttering deathly terrified of Jason. " Do you want me to go over there and get it or are you going to bring it here?" Jason says starting to walk over and grab the journal right out of Nick's hands. "Give that back Jason!" He says yelling at Jason starting to stand up trying to stand up to him. " What do you think you are doing?" He asks standing up even taller in the room scaring him. Nick sinks back down into his

  • The Flies - Original Writing

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    beautiful elegant white silk gown, the other, a dashing, and well-fitted black wool suit. To the right of the groom was the best man, blushing, for the woman standing next to the bride captivated him. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her for her beauty was mesmerizing. At the same time the woman couldn’t stop glancing back at him. She looked down at the bouquet blushing for she has never seen such an elegant man star at her before. It was as if the ocean where meeting the shore for the first time. They