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  • Movie Analysis : The Fighter

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    When it comes to the film industry, entertainment is the tool used to acquire what is desired, money. The main goal for filmmakers when they create a film is to attain money in addition to the money spent to make the movie. Therefore, in some films that they like to base off of true accounts, it is somewhat necessary to dramatize or embellish the story to really tug at the heartstrings of the films audience. They achieve this goal by the use of dramatic music, ambient lighting, and a small amount

  • Brady's Restaurant: A Fictional Narrative

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    The policeman on the beat moved up the avenue impressively. The impressiveness was habitual and not for show, for spectators were few. The time was barely 10 o'clock at night, but chilly gusts of wind with a taste of rain in them had well nigh de–peopled the streets. Trying doors as he went, twirling his club with many intricate and artful movements, turning now and then to cast his watchful eye adown the pacific thoroughfare, the officer, with his stalwart form and slight swagger, made a fine picture

  • The Antagonist Made Good : Dr. Seuss

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    Cameron McIntire Miss Saunders Block 4 Friday September 18, 2015 The Antagonist Made Good: At times, a hero may be revealed right through the glass, or it may be necessary to investigate deep down to find the true identity of a hero. In Dr. Seuss 's famous story The Lorax, The old, mysterious Once-ler is the hero because of his evolution past keeping the treasured land with the Truffula Trees undisclosed, consequently establishing a realization of the inadequate oversight of the actions presented

  • The Rural Care Organizations Improvement Act Of 2015

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    The Rural Accountable Care Organizations Improvement Act of 2015, introduced to the United States Senate in May and now being reviewed by the Senate Finance Committee, will amend part of the Social Security Act to try and improve the way the Medicare shared savings program assigns beneficiaries by basing the assignments on services of primary care offered by providers, including Nurse Practitioners (, 2015). For Nurse Practitioners specifically, this new legislation will allow nurse practitioner

  • The Watergate Scandal Of Lyndon M. Nixon

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    On November 5, 1968 Richard M. Nixon was elected the 37th president of the United States. While in office Nixon dealt with an unstable economy and oversaw reforms in welfare, civil rights and more. In foreign affairs Nixon helped end the Vietnam War, reestablish contact with china and improve relations with the Soviet Union. In 1972 Nixon was reelected in a landslide victory. However, His undoing was already in the works. A few months prior to Nixon’s reelection a group of men linked to the Nixon

  • Bob Dylan And The Sixties

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    Bob Dylan played a vital role in the sixties counter-culture. His lyrics fueled the rebellious youth in America. Songs such as “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “The Times are A-Changin” made him favorable to anti-war demonstrators and supporters of the Civil Rights movement. He was commonly referred to as the spokesman for his generation. Dylan used lyrics to empower the youth to find their own form of counter-culture. The youth generation began to see the effects racism had on society and the violence

  • Watergate

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    Watergate Scandal Ever since the beginning of time, scandals have occurred. But one of the biggest and infamous scandals is the Watergate. Approximately forty years ago from date, a Watergate protector found a small portion of tape attached on the lock of on the National Democratic Headquarters door. Then it all began. The Watergate’s attempted break in was a part of a bigger operation by President Nixon. The rumor was Nixon’s supporters and people involved in the scandal wanted to tarnish the

  • Analysis Of Jan Johnson's ' The Soul Wound '

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    their family dynamic through the neglect of Mona’s mother towards Mona. Mona, as well as other characters in the book, utilize music as a form of therapy to heal the soul. The characters in Wabanaki Blues utilize music to heal in ways that parallels Bob Marley’s Redemption Song and the Rastafarian religion. Wabanaki blues is a book that concentrates on a recent graduate of high school named Mona LaPierre and her path in finding herself. She is a Native American of the

  • Bob Marley : Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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    What Is Bob Marley Remembered: Bob Marley was reggae’s foremost practitioner and emissary, embodying its spirit and spreading its gospel to all corners of the globe. His extraordinary body of work embraces the stylistic spectrum of modern Jamaican music - from ska to rocksteady to reggae - while carrying the music to another level as a social force with universal appeal. Few others changed the musical and cultural landscape as profoundly as he. As Robert Palmer wrote in a tribute to Marley upon his

  • Music 's Influence On Music

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    Certain musicians changed the way people started to look at music in the 60s. The 60s were a time for standing up for what the country believed it, a time to show the “overpowered” people that they weren 't afraid. People looked to musicians such as; Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, and many others for their influential music. Different types of artists with different sounds changed