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  • The Boeing 747's Impact On Contemporary Globalization

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    The Boeing 747’s Impact on Contemporary Globalization This paper addresses the international impacts of Boeing’s 747 commercial airliner on modern globalization. The 747 is one of the most revolutionary and famous airliners today, it could fit as much as 570 passengers and could carry as much as 154 tons of cargo. This massive airliner is a symbol of the progress in civil aviation and signifies a new era in travel. This paper discusses who made this aircraft, the trade and financial influence of

  • Essay on Boeing 747 and Airbus

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    would be 62. So the breakeven point is much less than the total demands. 3. As Boeing, how would you respond to this situation? How does your answer depend on what you think Airbus is likely to do? Please provide some calculations to support your answers. In its published Current Market Outlook (CMO), Boeing forecast a much smaller VLA market despite general agreement on overall growth with GMF. Boeing predicts the total market demand for VLA aircraft is 330 over the next 20 years. In addition

  • Boeing 747

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    The Boeing 767: From Concept to Production BSA 523: Operation Management Professor Henry P. Barnhill March 6, 2012 The Boeing Commercial Airplane Company was founded in 1916 and was located in Seattle, Washington. Now headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Boeing is the world’s largest and perhaps most well-known aerospace firm. According to their website (, the company operates in three principal segments -commercial airplanes; military aircraft and missiles; and space and communications

  • Evaluating The Current Situation For The Boeing 747-8

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    In assessing the current situation for the Boeing 747-8, there are many things that we need to look at. There is a passenger version and a freight version of the aircraft and this analysis will mainly focus on the passenger plane. We will first look at the current performance, which is going to show us some concerns we can address at a later time. Next we will look at the overall market demand and the specific decreased demand for this product. No analysis would be complete without looking at the

  • Lee Campbell Flight 811 Investigation

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    pressure rises, Boeing opted for an outward opening door which allows for more cargo space but the door is not failsafe like the plug design so Boeing built was they thought was a fool proof locking mechanism. Boeing built in multiple redundancies to make sure the door is properly latched and does not open. They built it to a point where it is extremely improbable for the door to open. The Campbell’s discovered that the problem lies with the locking mechanism. To lock the cargo door on the 747, electric

  • We Must Go Wrong Will Going Wrong

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    Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Even with the knowledge that human error, internal and external factors can, do, and will affect the outcome of any given task, individuals strive towards creating environments in which risk levels can be safely and satisfactorily managed by facing those threats head on. There is a lesson behind each disappointment or negative outcome that leads us to a greater understanding of and appreciation for our surroundings. More importantly, this newfound knowledge

  • The Lead Up For Current Business Level Strategy

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    The Lead up to current Business-level Strategy Since the inception of the company, General Electric put great emphasis on innovation. Creating the first Industrial Research Laboratory of its kind in 1900, the company introduces copious amount of new products to the world ever since. This Lab allowed the company to generate new products that would facilitate the creation of future profitable ideas. The dedicated team of scientists and engineers could create new products and improve existing products

  • Why We Must Go Wrong

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    As the saying goes “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”, yet being fully aware of this, humans don’t avoid doing things altogether, instead we intentionally thrive toward finding that which can go wrong out of curiosity for knowledge and fear that we might miss out on something if we don’t. There is a lesson to be found in every disappointment and negative outcome therefore, we gain experience, we discover, and learn to live with things going wrong because that means we are one step closer

  • Impact Of The Aviation Industry On Unplanned Events That Have Occurred

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    2.0. introduction: The purpose of this report is to outline 3 significant changes made to the aviation industry due to unplanned events that have occurred in the last 20 years. 3 factors/events that have influenced changes in the commercial aviation industry will be thoroughly investigated. 3.0. The events: 1. |UAV incident A drone used to film the grand final between Australia and New Zealand crashed just south of an arena in Melbourne. The ATSB found that radio frequency interference

  • Airbus

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    INTRODUCTION In December 2000, Airbus formally committed to develop and launch a super jumbo plane known as the A380 at a launch cost of $13 billion. Prior to and after Airbus’ commitment, Boeing started and canceled several initiatives aimed at developing a “stretch jumbo” with capacity in between its existing jumbo (the 747) and Airbus’ planned super jumbo. In addition to making the super jumbo one of the largest product launch decisions in corporate history, this figure represented 26% of total industry