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  • The Peat Extraction From The Bog

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    From the results presented it is a clear indicator that human activity is having a profound effect on Monivea Bog. The peat extraction from the bog is having a dramatic effect on the natural environment. The digitizing of the bog using GIS 10.3 was a simplistic method that visually provides how much peat is being extracted from the Bog. The reasons behind the extraction was pointed out by Cruickshank et al, 1995, suggesting that peat extraction is part of an Irish culture which humans use the peat

  • Berry Bog : A Short Story : The Berry Bog

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    The Berry Bog Recently orphaned, August arrives to his aunt and uncle’s cranberry farm in northern Ontario. Uncle Duncan leaves an olive-green pair of bib-overall-style hip waders outside his bedroom door. These mysterious rubber boots become the keys to the kingdom—a kingdom of marshy, boggy land and ponds and thorny bushes and the skeletal outlines of birch and miserly pine that only the north and its feeble sun can grow. The waders fit to his under-pits, and his feet swim inside the moulded

  • Bog Bodies Essay

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    of Charavines,the bog bodies site. One of the earliest human communities of the Isere was established on its banks, 2700 BC (Neolithic village of Bathers). A erie mass of water with extra special properties. Thanks to lack of oxygen and the anti-microbial properties of peat moss, This is a place where hundreds of mummified corpses dating back as many as 10,000 years have been discovered.It lies in the wetlands of northern Europe. These unusually preserved copses are called“bog bodies”Scientist research

  • The Discovery of the First Bog Body

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    A bog body is classified as a human corpse that over a long course of time has been naturally mummified in a peat bog. A peat bog is a swamp that collects peat, which is dead plant material, often moss. In the peat bog when a body is mummified they are often known as bog people. These bodies are crucial to our understanding of the past for what they reveal. Since the discovery of the first bog body known as Amcotts Moor Woman who was discovered in 1747 in England, bog bodies have been a main source

  • Bog Bodies Are Crucial to Our Understanding of the Past

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    Bog bodies are crucial to our understanding of the past. The bog bodies age from 8000 BC to the early medieval times. The most important and well-preserved bog bodies are from northern Europe, but bog bodies have also been found elsewhere in the world. Bog bodies allow for archaeologists and scientists, with help from modern technology and dating equipment, too successfully uncover and gain understanding of what past life was like. The alternative to bog bodies is skeletonized remains, which just

  • Essay about The Bog Bodies and What They Tell Us About the Past

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    Assignment on: The bog bodies and what they tell us about the past What they tell us… clothing- fabrics, fashion etc. hairstyles.… physical diseases – what was around and how they treated it. Also height and physical things. Punishment and ritual killing.. how and why . day top day things… food, tools invented etc. In Europe and Britian, in areas of boggy, marshy soil, several well-preserved bodies have been found. They were prevented from decaying by the airless conditions of the bog. Due to their

  • The Environmental Issue Of The Wildfires

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    What is the single most environmental issue that is plaguing the eastern half of the world? The raging fires in Indonesia and Asia. These fires are releasing more CO2 and other toxic chemicals in a few months than most countries do all year. The fires are also producing a thick smoky haze that is clouding the entire area. What is the exact cause of this problem? Scientists are quick to point out several causes, but one that is standing out is the defiant act of setting ablaze fields for the use of

  • Positive Impact Of Afforestation Essay

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    Science Impact of Afforestation Introduction: What is Deforestation? Deforestation is the process of human cutting down trees and destroying the habitats of animals and lives. People would certainly think that deforestation would not be something good for the environment, and afforestation would cause a positive impact on the environment. Well, most people have his perspective like that. The scientist had found proofs that afforestation has the negative impact on the habitats of animals and the

  • The Paradox In Mary Oliver's Crossing The Swamp

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    They act as an interruption in the poem, conveying that the speaker cannot smoothly walk through the swamp and the journey is labor-intensive. As the speaker goes through the swamp, she experiences “branching vines, the dark burred faintly belching bogs”. The alliteration of the hard “b” sound emphasizes how the speaker is fighting against the struggles in the swamp to get through. The struggles are emphasized as she goes through “pathless, seamless, peerless mud”. The scarcity of the mud is described

  • Cranberry Bogs

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    The 16S rRNA gene sequences amplified from cranberry bogs resolved into 49 bacterial phyla. The overall bacterial composition of the different samples was similar, particularly among the six most highly-represented groups (Fig. 1). Proteobacteria, Acidobacteria, Bacteroidetes, and Verrucomicrobia were the most dominant phyla (relative abundance > 5 %) in every sample, together accounting for about 78 % of the bacterial sequences in the soils examined. The Actinobacteria and Chloroflexi were also