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  • James And Sergio: A Short Story

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    it's dark. I'm not trying to be on the streets while the gangs are out,”said Sergio. James and Sergio start to walk back home from Santa Fe’s training grounds. The two are part of Santa Fe’s Under 18 soccer squads. As it gets darker in Bogota, the gangs of Bogota loom the streets. Most of the homes are abandoned or heavily damaged. Moving through the city they can hear guns being fired. As James and Sergio are walking home they find their route back home is blocked off by construction. “James this

  • Trip To Bogota

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    share some additional information. I have two very good friends currently stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Bogota and they shared some very helpful advice: - Drink lots of water upon arrival. The elevation in Bogota is 8,675 feet. Staying hydrated can help ease into the transition after long flights. - Only use ATMs at hotels and not ones you may pass on the street. Our hotel is in Bogota is in a wonderful area. It’s called Zona T with a square and huge park. Our Tour Director, Juan, will take

  • Marquet Turn The Ship Around Summary

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    Introduction In the book Turn the Ship Around, Captain L. David Marquet describes how he took the submarine, the USS Santa Fe, from “worst to first” in the United States fleet by transforming the leadership structure from “leader-follower” to “leader-leader.” Summary The author divides the book into four sections. In the first section, Captain Marquet describes how he first experienced being empowered by his commander Captain Pelaez of the USS Sunfish. Captain Pelaez overheard the author observe

  • Bogota Research Paper

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    cattle are the chief agricultural commodities of this often mountainous region, although the principle export is the coca leaf, a primary ingredient in the manufacture of cocaine and the region’s most profitable export. The capital of Columbia is Bogota. Its population is approximately 4 million people and many inhabitants are indigenous to the region. Many firms operating

  • Bogota Twins Project Essay

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    To test this general agreement, various research experiments have and are currently being conducted. Of these, the Bogota Twins Project happens to be one of the most popular. Dr. Nancy L. Segal, professor at California State University and current director of the Twin Studies Center (in which she founded), gathered eight days of research on two sets of twins from Bogota, Columbia. The reason Dr. Segal specifically chose these two sets of twins, was because they happened to switched at birth. William

  • Essay on Bogota: A City in Colombia Invites You

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    Bogotá: a city full of exciting secrets and interesting attractions. It is located in the Andes Mountain Range in the Altiplano Cundiboyasesnse. It has mountains on the east with three main peaks. It is a city that has a colonial style neighborhood that is called “La Calendaria.” This neighborhood is located in the center of the city. Bogotá is the capital of Colombia and where everyone acts very similar and has the same customs and culture. Bogotá has the perfect climate because e it is located

  • Background. Inemerging Art Cities And Developing Countries(Bogotá,

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    Background In emerging art cities and developing countries(Bogotá, Detroit, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Shanghai, Buenos Aires and many more), one can find artists and designers that have a very important discourse, a speech they have developed through years of passion, perseverance and concentration. Most of the times, in order for their work to be known, they have to immigrate to art capitals and leave their reality behind. In terms of traveling, these cities are somehow tainted

  • The Importance Of Urban Development In Colombia

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    Bogotá is the capital and largest city in Colombia. It has 20 districts which make up a series of different neighborhoods. It is also the main economic and industrial center of the country. The higher economic class tend to inhabit the north. This includes the districts of the east of Suba, Chapinero and Usaquen. The lower middle class inhabit the central and the western parts of the city. Meanwhile, the working class neighborhoods are located in the south of the city. At a simple glance, we can

  • Similarities In South American Cities

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    After watching the two videos on the South American Cities is was easy to spot similarities in how each was approaching sustainability heading into the 21st century. Both Bogotá and Curitiba are large cities in South America and this is perhaps the two cities biggest similarity. Another easy to spot similarity is the use of transportation as a means for developing a sustainable growth initiative. The final similarity was not as easy to spot, but perhaps the most important attribute of each city;

  • Mentoplasty In Clinica La Font

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    Mentoplasty is one of the most common facial surgeris in Clinica La font in Bogota, Colombia. The mentoplasty is suited for eliminating the double chin in the face and by hence, for restoring the muscular laxity. At Clinica La Font, we are one the most recognized aesthetic clinics for either corporal or facial procedure such as mentoplasty among others with great success according to the vast available testimonials. MENTOPLASTY IS THE RIGHT ANSWER FOR ELIMINATING THE FAT IN EXCESS IN THE CHIN