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  • Identity in the Works of Eavan Boland and Seamus Heaney Essay

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    Identity in the Works of Eavan Boland and Seamus Heaney Many times poetry is reflective of the author’s past as well as their personal struggles. One struggle that poets write about is of identity and the creation, as well as loss, of individual identities. Using a passage from the essay Lava Cameo by Eavan Boland, I will show how two poets use their craft to describe their struggle with identity. Eavan Boland and Seamus Heaney both write poems which express an internal struggle with roles of

  • Patchwork Boland Summary

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    while contemplating the universe. Utilizing various stylistic and structural techniques, Boland’s intent is to reconcile the tension between chaos and order for the purpose of ascertaining the meaning of existence. Immediately in the first stanza Boland establishes a persona who will consistently vacillate between between certainty in her understanding of the composition of the universe. The persona is at first contemplative as she thinks at “random on the universe” only to ironically contradict

  • The Iran Contra Affair The Public

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    During the Iran-Contra affair the public, as well as congress, were left in the dark about a deal was made with the enemy country of Iran to sell weapons to them to aid in their war with Iraq. Once sold the Profit were given to the Contras in Nicaragua. I will be arguing that advertising dollars, using the military as a source, and flak were used to skew the public’s perception of how the affair took place. When all of this began President Reagan had told Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, who also

  • Literary Devices In The Pomegranate Poem

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    have to go through an inevitable period of emotional and physical maturity before reaching adulthood. “The Pomegranate” intensively depicts a maturing teenage daughter and the complicated relationship she now has with her mother. In the poem, Eavan Boland uses multiple literary techniques such as allusion, various syntaxes, and symbolism to underscore the complex

  • To What Extent was President Reagan’s Personal Role in the Iran-Contra Affair Significant?

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    A. Plan of Investigation The investigation assesses the extent of significance of President Reagan’s role in the Iran-Contra affair in the 1980’s. Reagan’s role will be looked at while aiding the Nicaraguan Contras, releasing American hostages, both which led to the Iran-Contra affair, and during the cover up, in America and partly in Iran. An investigation account and American history are mostly used to evaluate Reagan’s role. Two of the sources used in this essay, Firewall: The Iran-Contra conspiracy

  • Analysis Of It's A Womans World By Eavan Boland

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    In “It’s a Woman's World,” Eavan Boland utilizes several literary techniques to reveal the poem’s complex conception of a “woman’s world.” Boland sheds light on the static nature of a woman’s role in society, which sparks their desire to overcome the societal limitations that is put upon them by men. Through her sarcastic title, use of personification, and critical tone, Boland is able to expose both genders stereotypical responsibilities and to convey society’s desire to silence women’s outrage

  • A Rose For Boland 's ' Fond Memory '

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    of her childhood. This poem is written with the intent to confront a past memory and creates a relationship between Boland as a young girl and the woman she was when she wrote this. Through the use of literary techniques we become a part of the journey that Boland undertakes in order to go back to her child self and speak about her memories. This is a very personal poem as Boland is sharing part of her life with us. The personal element to the poem allows a relationship to be formed with the reader

  • Summary Of Object Lessons By Eavan Boland

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    In Object Lessons, Eavan Boland claims that poetry is fundamentally gendered—and is thus flawed—because of its tendency to encourage the poet to objectify female subjects through the use of “metaphors, invocations, similes, and muses,” as well as through “custom, convention, language, [and] inherited image.” (Boland 27-28). That is: she believes that it is natural, almost instinctive, for both male and female poets to embrace a certain style of writing in their poetry which unfairly forces the women

  • The Necessity Of Irony By Yusef Komunyakaa And Eavan Boland

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    Yusef Komunyakaa and Eavan Boland illustrate their personal experiences in order to emphasize how mistakes or tragic events will follow you for the rest of your life. The events that occur personally will haunt you every second of your life until you come to terms with them. The poems “Facing It” and “The Necessity of Irony” both reflect on past memories by using similar language and tone in order to realize what is truly important in life for a better future. At first glance, the reader notices

  • It's A Womans World By Eavan Boland

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    In the poem “It’s a Woman’s World,” Eavan Boland uses many poetic devices such as alliteration, simile, and enjambment in order to explain life from a woman’s point of view and how women have lived the same since the beginning of time. In the beginning of the poem, the speaker states that women “milestone / [their] lives with oversights -- / living by the lights / of the loaf left / by the cash register…” The alliteration of the letter ‘l’ is used to emphasize the meaning of the statement