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  • Country Reports : Bolivia, Bolivia

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    Country Reports: Bolivia Bolivia, named after the Venezuelan military leader Simόn Bolίvar, for most of its political history has been in a state of fluctuation. It came under Spanish rule in the 1500s and did not gain independence until 1825. It was not until the end of the Revolutionary Nationalist Movement in the late 1950s did the country transition into a military rule and only in the past few decades has it moved towards a democracy (or at least less military dictatorship-like) (Kohl 1978)

  • President Evo Morales, Bolivia And Bolivia

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    their descendants. With the exception of Peru and Bolivia, many countries feature a percentage of less than ten percent purely indigenous people, thus making circumstances unfavorable to create a political voice forceful enough to allow these native groups the political prowess they need (World Development Index). Even in countries with a large percentage of indigenous people, the rise to political power can be a slow process. However, in 2005, Bolivia elected their first president to office from native

  • Bolivia Essay

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    Bolivia Outline Bolivia Introduction: I. The History of Bolivia A. Independence 1. Revolution B. Political Instability 1. The Regime of Paz Estenssoro 2. Rule by the Army II. The Economy A. Resources 1. Mining, Manufacture, and Trade 2. Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry B. Strengths and Weaknesses 1. Currency and Banking 2. Labor III. The Culture A. Location 1. Terrain 2. Climate B. Cocaine 1. Effects 2. War on Drugs Bolivia

  • A Brief Look of Bolivia

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    Our world consists of some of the most breath taking and utterly amazing countries. South America contains many of those extraordinary countries and the country of Bolivia is at the top of the list. Not only is the country of Bolivia gorgeous, but its’ geography is extraordinary and diverse. Geography can be defined as more than just a name or location, but further more it is the reason why things differentiate from place to place on Earth’s surface. It is even more defined as “the study of how

  • Bolivia Vs. Spain : The Similarities Between Bolivia And Spain

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    Bolivia and Spain appear to be two very different countries according to their geographies. The task of finding all the differences between the two would be nearly impossible. However, this paper will hopefully shed light on some of the key geographical variances that gives each country its particular culture. First off, where are these two countries located and how does that effect the people? To start, Bolivia is landlocked located in the center of South America neighboring Brazil, Argentina,

  • Taking a Look at Bolivia

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    Bolivia is an amazing country, rich in culture, tourism, and history. Located in western-central South America, Bolivia is bordered by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Peru, and Chile. Bolivia is divided into 3 very diverse regions, the Andean region, that’s surrounded by mountain ranges and has the highest altitude in Bolivia, the sub Andean region, that’s distinguished by its farming activities, and the llanos region, that’s surrounded by rainforest and is very bio diverse. Although Bolivia has seen

  • Bolivia And Its Effects On The Country

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    In Bolivia, coffee plays a prominent and ubiquitous role in its culture, history and function with a presence and control over all of these aforementioned aspects; it may not be the largest supplier of coffee, however, this fact does not in any way mitigate its colossal impact on the country. Bolivia is a grossly under-developed country, yet is very rich in natural resources and it is self sufficient (for the most part) in terms of being agriculturally sustainant, excluding wheat. Bolivia is location

  • Bolivia Research Papers

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    countries in South America, Bolivia has many different things you may not know about including their, climates, vegetation and tourist attractions. Although Bolivia is underestimated about what it has, it has one of the best GDP’s and is one of the most visited countries in the region. Bolivia was once known as Upper Peru until a man called Simon Bolivar gained its independence. Francisco Pizarro also played one of the most important roles in the foundation of Bolivia. Francisco Pizarro was a Spanish

  • The Landlocked Country Of Bolivia

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    Bolivia is a landlocked country consisting of a large number of indigenous people. It is the most isolated nation in the South America. The country achieved its independence from the Spanish in 1825.Bolivia has natural gas reserves which have caused tensions due to their overexploitation and exportation. It is one of the largest cocoa producers in the world ("Bolivia country profile - BBC News", 2017). Many Bolivian farmers depend on coca as their source of income. Coca is a raw material used in

  • Indigenous People In Bolivia

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    Bolivia is a country that has deep, entrenched, systematic racism at the core of its history. Constituting more than 60 percent of the populace, Bolivia has the largest indigenous population in the Western Hemisphere. Literally conquered by Spanish conquistadores, this indigenous population has been marginalized and discriminated against at every turn despite their majority status. Triggered by the election of South America’s first indigenous head of government, in the last decade landmark changes