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  • Bollywood : The Bollywood Musical Subgenre

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    19/05/2015 The Bollywood Musical Subgenre Bollywood is a musical subgenre known across the world for its dramatic storylines and catchy, choreographed songs. According to the 2005 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, Bollywood is “a name for the Indian popular film industry, based in Bombay. Origin 1970s. Blend of Bombay and Hollywood.” Quite simply, the ‘B’ from Bombay, a city in India now known as Mumbai, was used to replace the ‘H’ in “Hollywood” only to produce “Bollywood.” It is important

  • Bollywood Beats : The Music Of Bollywood Music

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    Bollywood Beats Bollywood music has been an integral part of my childhood. This is largely due to the fact that all Bollywood films are essentially musicals. Each movie has up to four if not more musical numbers with synchronized, colorful choreography. I learned much of the Hindi language and South Asian culture by watching these Bollywood movies. I found a sense of identity through listening to the music within these films. Before developing my own taste in music, I was already listening to music

  • The Modernity of Bollywood

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    of film in India through different time periods and how several historical events have impacted the Bollywood industry. Moreover, once a general idea of how Bollywood development through time is explained, we will then establish why the Bollywood industry is unique and different from any other film industry in the world. This will also include the different factors which have influenced the Bollywood industry. Lastly, this paper will

  • The White Bollywood

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    Hindi targeted at a larger audience, commonly known as mainstream movies or Bollywood films, employ a different grammar of filmmaking than that is used in so-called sensible or parallel cinema while representing or portraying different aspects and sections of society, race, culture, gender and class. In this paper, I try to focus on the representations of Caucasian characters, or the white, in popular Hindi cinema, or Bollywood films,

  • Experiencing Bollywood

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    Experiencing Bollywood: An Avant-garde Attempt Introduction Bollywood has been characterised for its larger than life plots, elaborate song and dance sequences, melodramatic acting which underpins the Indian social framework. With the advent of globalisation, it has paved way for a wider variety of film genres and has managed to reach out to audiences beyond the Indian diaspora. Constantly pushing the envelope at various junctures, the Bollywood phenomenon has become prominent in the world

  • Modern Bollywood, A Decade Old: Bollywood and the Colonial Censorship

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    Introduction This essay explains the journey of Bollywood (Indian Film Industry) and how it has changed itself and its audience’s perspective on Hindi Cinema. Applying the key features from Dennis McQuail’s “Normative Theory”, the relationship between Bollywood and the audience, controlled by the censorship board will be explained; and how both, the Bollywood industry and Censor Board are responsible for bringing changes to each other in the terms of rules, regulations, audience’s attitudes and their

  • Bollywood Crime Genre

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    characters . Crime genre in Bollywood is mostly based on real stories of gangsters as Mumbai has been a hub for underworld and smuggling since a long time. The representation of criminals shown in commercial Bollywood cinema is completely different from Hollywood cinema. In some Hollywood movies crime and mafia is shown to be inherited where as the criminals in bollywood are shown entering the crime because of situations that led them. Underworld has been connected to Bollywood since a long time. Many

  • Bollywood Gender Roles

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    Bollywood films have often been criticized for their stereotypical and patriarchal representations of women that sexualize and objectify their female characters. Furthermore, many claim that Bollywood is a chauvinistic and misogynistic industry. Not only are women paid less, but their representation in films lacks the boldness and individuality that their male counterparts exude. According to research, over the nearly 50-year period, males are mentioned on average 30 times per plot on Wikipedia compared

  • Top Ranked Actress In Bollywood

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    Find The List Of Top Ranked Actress In Bollywood Indian Film Industry holds second position in the world for making annual movies simply behind the Hollywood. Bollywood actors are most known and famous celebrities in the world, particularly in Asian Countries. In fact, they have been getting pleasure from the victory of Indian Film Industry along with luxurious lifestyle and high- profile living standards because of highly reimbursed for making appearance in films or even some commercial & television

  • Richest Bollywood Actors

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    Top 5 Richest Bollywood Actress 2018 Keyword: Richest Bollywood Actors Hollywood is often seen as the Mecca of the rich and famous. However, in the international market few places can rival its Indian sister: Bollywood. Well known for superb musical numbers and over the top action films, many stars have made a living performing in movies that would rival any film in the world. All Bollywood stars are rich. Identifying the top 5 richest of them is slightly challenging because, quite understandably