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  • The Attack Of The Bomb

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    The bombs dropped one by one as I watched in disbelief from my front porch. The Koreans had been planning this attack for years, but with their high security and privacy for their country, we only found out the day before. Once we heard the news of the attack, people tried to flee, but most didn’t make it very far. I had lived in Italy for years without having any huge problems to deal with, but this was a different story. The bombs destroyed a full fifty mile radius from where it was dropped all

  • Investigative Techniques Of A Bomb Investigation

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    example, you may put your shoes on and then your coat to go outside while others may do that action in reverse. The key though is that both people put their shoes and coat on before going outside. Just as in that example there are certain steps to a bomb investigation, in which some investigators may do in a different order but in the end all of the steps will be complete. There are certain questions an investigator must ask while proceeding through those steps as well. The biggest thing that one

  • Instilling Fear Through Dirty Bombs Essay

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    People often associate the word bomb with the idea of a weapon of mass destruction, but in reality fear can be a weapon in of itself. Such is the case of the dirty bomb, it is a weapon aimed at instilling fear in the local population thus making it a weapon of mass disruption. The similarities between a dirty bomb and an improvised explosive device (IED) are remarkable. In our modern wars of Iraq, Afghanistan and several other theaters of operations the IED has been the weapon of choice for insurgents

  • Essay on Ban the Use of Cluster Bombs

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    Ban the Use of Cluster Bombs “It looked like the ball boys and girls toss each other during Hmong New Year festivities. Six year old Sia Ya threw it to her four year old brother, He couldn’t catch it and it landed behind him, exploding and killing him instantly. Sia Ya died after two agonizing days and nights in the provincial hospital.” (Account of Laotian cluster bomblet accident in 1996 - Laos War “Legacy”) I. INTRODUCTION Cluster bombs were first used in the American conflict in

  • United States Navy's Bomb Squad

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    Introduction The United States Navy’s Bomb Squad (NEOD) is a remarkably small organization that works in small teams to accomplish worldly tasks. These obstacles range from IED to chemical and biological weapon disarmament. The Bomb Squad is responsible for operations in war zones, as well as on the home-front. With intentions of generating a more informed populous at the United States Naval Academy, a U.S. Navy Bomb Squad liaison along with numerous personnel, facilitated an 18 hour “screener”

  • The Fallacy of the Ticking Time-Bomb Scenario

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    The ticking bomb scenario is a fallacy. You have a guy in custody. How do you “know” that there is a ticking bomb about to detonate? How do you “know” that this is the person who has that information? Ultimately you can’t “know” those things. You may highly suspect that someone has information, so then you green light waterboarding suspects. How do the authorities know you haven’t planted a bomb in downtown Chicago about to go off? They’ll have to torture you just to make sure. In at least one case

  • Analysis Of Catch 22 By Joseph Heller Essay

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    Tick…BOOM!” One of the most lethal and disastrous bombs our world obtains, corruption. A fist of an orange and blood-red flame punches its way out of the shell, smoke and varicolored fire rushing out, while the corpses of innocent lives, lay on the cold-stone ground helplessly, paying the insolent price of conformity. For every tick of the bomb, a defenseless and innocent life is sacrificed. There is only a transient amount of time we have to defuse the bomb, until it explodes, obliterating society as

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' Hot Seat '

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    himself trapped in his office and forced to remain seated in a chair wired by a bomb. If he stands up, the bomb goes off. The hero is forced to hack his way into a complicated mainframe to open a vault for a mysterious assailant. To raise the stakes, his family is

  • The Boston Marathon Attack

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    of races is one that can’t really be explained. So, as you can imagine, not many people were thinking that something as tragic as the bombings could possibly take place. In an article published by the New York Times, authors stated, “Two powerful bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday afternoon, killing three people, including an eight-year-old

  • Analysis Of The Book Thief

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    unfortunate bombing, readers understand the hardships and threats that people during World War 2 would have faced. The people living during that time period always had to be aware of their surroundings because they’d never know when a bomb would hit them! If people are hit by bombs, their lives would be gone before they had time to appreciate anything in it. One theme of The Book Thief is that you should value everything in life because you never know when it could get taken away from you. The Book Thief