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    Bon Jovi is a popular pop/rock band. The band members are Jon Bon Jovi, Richard Sambora, David Bryan, and Tico Torres. The rock group, Bon Jovi, was formed in 1983.Over the years the rock group has won many awards. In 1987 they were awarded the American Music Award for the Best Pop/Rock Band, Duo or Group. Then in 1990 they won the Golden Globe Award for Best Song for their song, Blaze of Glory, from Young Guns II soundtrack. Many thought that Bon Jovi had passed its peak when the rock world

  • I Found Myself at Wrestling Camp Essay

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    Most girls don’t pay money to roll around on the ground with sweaty guys. Yet that is exactly what I did this last July. No, it’s not what you’re thinking; I went to wrestling camp. Wrestling is a sport that I’ve always wanted to try, but my shyness and insecurity held me back. This year I decided that I will no longer allow other people’s opinions affect my own decisions. Joining wrestling is the first major step I’m taking to change my life. “You want to do…wrestling? As in…wrestle?” This is

  • Letter To Bon Jovi In The Hall Of Fame

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    and i am writing this letter for a couple reasons. One, i would love it if my band was in the hall of fame. Two, i am doing this for a school project for my Music nine class. I nominating the band “Bon Jovi” for the category “Performers” and i would love if they made it into the Hall of Fame. Bon Jovi came together and formed in 1983 but due to some problems with each member the band sadly went their separate ways in 2014. They have many Musical Genre & Styles to be described as rock, techno-pop

  • George Morton

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    The first song that serves as a musical tribute is “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi. This song accurately describes the personality of one of the main characters in State of Fear, George Morton. Morton is a well known millionaire and an avid supporter of an organization known as the National Environmental Research Fund, also known as NERF. When one of Morton’s friends, NERF founder Nicholas Drake, calls Morton’s lawyer and asks about the state of his mental health and whether or not he will be attending

  • How I Felt Something Change?

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    encourage and enable him. You 're a nut enabler.” In the process, the phone rang. Charlie grabbed it, and we heard him say, “The Rose Club at 8:30. Excellent. Thank you so much.” He hung up and ran back in and started the music. Today it would be Bon Jovi with Jennifer Nettles singing “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” I jumped up and pulled David up with me. While Charlie jumped around the room dancing and singing, I made David jump up and down on the bed and dance with me. Then I jumped off the bed into

  • Rock Music Impact On Society

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    Rock music started around 1940s and 1950s. This moved all the way to the present wear it grow and changed in many ways making tips of music like hard rock and heavy metal. No one knows who made rock music or when it first made it’s appearance but there are some really good artist in rock. Some of the artist include Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and one of my favorites Guns N' Roses. There also were popular instruments in rock like the guitar, drums, and electric guitar. Last, rock’s impact and how

  • Essay on The Success of Bon Jovi's Album "Slippery When Wet"

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    someone over the age of 25 that has not heard at least one song by the band out of New Jersey, Bon Jovi. The band got together in 1983 in Sayreville, New Jersey, made up of lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi, guitarist, Richie Sambora, keyboardist, David Bryan and Drummer, Tico Torres. Since the formation of the band, they have been making music for 30 years. Before 1986, Bon Jovi released two albums: Bon Jovi(1984) and 7800 Degrees Fahrenheit(1985). They were able to build a pretty steady fan base from

  • John Francis Bongiovi Jr.

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    John Francis Bongiovi. Does the name sound familiar? No? How about Bon Jovi? Of course it sounds familiar. Bon Jovi is one of the most well known bands of all time. John Francis Bongiovi Jr. was born on March 2nd, 1962 in Perth Albany, New Jersey. His parents, Carol and John Bongiovi, were very proud of their son’s musical ability in piano, guitar, and singing. Music was a part of his life ever since he was a kid. At 16 years old he was playing in clubs and thoroughly entertaining his audiences.

  • Why Does I Love Travel Essay

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    know metal?” demonstrate his “metal” fingers ANNA and DIAN: “off course!” DIAN: “What band do you like? Bon Jovi?” UBER: “What?? Bon Jovi” DIAN: “Yes. B-O-N-J-O-V-I. It’s My Life. Always. That’s their song. Do you know them?” UBER: “No, no, no…I don’t like Bon Jovi.” Me and Dian were like…staring at each other…trying to make a conversation with our mind, “How come rock fans doesn’t know Bon Jovi? You fake!” While I saw Hani was sleeping…well, she looks like

  • The Swarm of Paparazzi

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    Paparazzi Paparazzi are people that celebrities are always swarmed by and they can become too aggressive to get that one perfect picture, but why? Paparazzi are photographers that go far beyond what may be appropriate to others to get these photos, whether it is crashing a formal party, following celebrities in a car, or even breaking into the home of the celebrities. Paparazzi can get a large amount of money for these photos that they sell to tabloids that want these sometimes embarrassing and