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  • The Growth Of The Corporate Bond Market

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    There has been a significant increase in new corporate bond issues (and other hybrid securities) that can be accessed by sophisticated retail investors, including growth of issues by unrated companies. • Ways for retail investors to access corporate bonds have continued to develop. • Regulatory changes to reduce impediments to retail investment in corporate bonds are slowly occurring. Ultimately, the maturation of the corporate bond market depends upon three key factors: underlying demand of investors;

  • Bond Market Trends

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    Topic 2 Bond market developments Overview Financial markets have been subject to significant changes in recent years due to the credit crisis. Experts believed that risk was being under-priced, which was expressed in the markets by a narrow spread. They believed that once the market corrected this under-pricing and re-priced the risk, it would likely cause a dislocation in financial markets by overshooting its equilibrium. Hence the prices, yields and returns on bonds have been significantly

  • Vietnam Bond Market

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    issuing stocks or issuing bonds. However, when the interest rate of borrowing from banks is very high due to high inflation, together with the stock market is quite instable; calling for capital from bond market is much more preferred by investors. In the context of this report, some major points regarding the bond market in Vietnam are presented. Firstly, a common picture about the Vietnam bond market is drawn. Next come the types of bonds and major participants in this market. Finally, several ways

  • Notes On The And Corporate Bond Market

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    Apple Bonds in Switzerland Introduction In February 2015, Apple Inc. has completed the first issuing of bonds denominated in Swiss Franc. Apple Inc. has successfully raised 1.25 billion Swiss Francs (USD$1.35 billion) from the sale. There were two parts of bond which were 875 million Swiss Francs bond due to mature in November 2024 with coupon rate of 0.375% and a 375 million Swiss Francs 15-year bond with coupon rate of 0.75%. Due to the negative of Switzerland’s government debt yield, Apple Inc

  • Introduction of Malaysia Bond Market

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    INTRODUCTION 1.1 WHAT IS BOND? In finance, a bond is an instrument of indebtedness of the bond issuer to the holders. It is a debt security, under which the issuer owes the holders a debt and, depending on the terms of the bond, is obliged to pay them interest (the coupon) and/or to repay the principal at a later date, termed the maturity. Interest is usually payable at fixed intervals (semi-annual, annual, and sometimes monthly). Very often the bond is negotiable, i.e. the ownership of the

  • Essay on US Bond Market

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    You have been asked to write a training document about the US Bond Market for use in the new employee-training program. In your document, you must make sure to address each of the following: 1a: The key players in the market; and the types of investments available to both individual investors and institutional investors, Bond Characteristics A bond is a "security" which gives the holder a financial claim on the issuer. This claim protects the holder in circumstances in which the issuer is

  • arbitrage in the government bond market Essay

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    the Government Market 1. In 1991, major discrepancies in the prices of multiple long maturity US Treasury bonds seemed to appear in the market. An employee of the firm Mercer and Associates, Samantha Thompson, thought of a way to exploit this opportunity in order to take advantage of a positive pricing difference by substituting superior bonds for existing holdings. Thompson created two synthetic bonds that imitated the cash flows of the 8¼ May 00-05 bond; one for if the bond had been called

  • The Impact Of Bond Market On European Government Debt Problems

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    2. The Impact of Bond Market on European Government Debt Problems 2.1. Bond Market The bond market is one of the fixed-income markets that it is deals in with transaction of long term fixed-income securities. Moreover, the bond is one of the financial instruments and then the financial instruments are generally regarded as securities. In the bond market, there are two bonds familiar to mass investors. One is called government bonds, and another one is called corporate bonds. Firstly, as its name

  • The Risk of Corporate Bond Market

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    Purchasing a corporate bond has three primary risks attached to it; 1) market risk, 2) industry risk, and 3) company risk. The US corporate bond market has trended lower over the last few years although recently the rates have risen relative to the last year. The market risk is that bond investors will continue to see the same type of rates in US Treasuries as they do in the corporate bond arena and will have no reason to purchase corporate bonds. Last month the corporate bond yield averaged 2.12%

  • What Fundamentals Affect the Yield of Bonds in the Singapore Market

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    What  fundamentals  affect  the  yield  of  bonds   (Singapore  market)                     By:     G8   Lee  Kang  Wee   Olivia  Tan   Daryle-­‐alexis  Tan   Ho  Guoming               FIIM  FNCE  102   Professor  Huang  Sheng                               Introduction     As