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    fascinated with the meaning of life. Whether this is a result of growing up during the depression or simply indicative of Mitchell’s deep philosophical thinking, this theme constantly shows up in his work. In both his humorous drama, The Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon and the eloquent children’s Canadian classic, Who has Seen the Wind, Mitchell tackles the age-old question with grace, humor, and care. Not only is Mitchell concerned with the minute details of human existence, throughout his

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    Our family decided to create a movement in our small community of Kelliher, Saskatchewan by creating this annual event to raise awareness of his story, and help to fundraise for change. In February 2014 we held our first annual curling bonspiel, and we witnessed a strength in our community that we had never experienced before. We cannot express how grateful we are for all of those volunteers involved. Glen was a truly admirable man who left us too early. This event was created to make

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    In his book, An Account of the Game of Curling (Edinburgh 1811), he contended for Continental beginnings. His exploration into the sources of twisting words (cases: bonspiel, brough, colly, twist, kuting, quoiting, arena, and wick), drove him to presume that they were gotten from Dutch or German. Asserting that the greater part of the words were remote, he composed, yet the entire of the terms being Continental propel

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