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  • Similarities Between Books And Books

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    Internet and books are two very comparable terms as both provide valuable information, but vastly differ when we compare the time taken to provide the information by the two. Before the internet was available to us books were the only source we turned to for any bit of information, we used to flock to the library and searched for the book that contained relevant information. It is now thing of past to go to library as the whole library is now at our finger tips in the form of internet. One marvels

  • Books And Paper Books

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    are used to make books all over the United States” (Pollak). Americans have been exposed to books every day since we were able to read. However, some people prefer paper books because they make them feel excited to read, while others may not like the paper versions. Other people might be turned on to the modern way of reading on an E-book. Paper and E-books depend on natural resources, size, prices, and abilities. So, as a reader, what would you buy: the modern or paper books? People never understood

  • Banning Books

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    The Reasons to Ban Books Schools are meant to be a safe environment full of books and learning opportunities. If this is impaired by books that should be banned, students may feel displaced or uncomfortable. Even a high schooler is prone to this, if action is not taken. There are hundreds of books full of violence, explicit language, and drug references. Annenberg Classroom says it is “unsuitable for students” ( Students of all ages are strongly suggested to not partake

  • E Books Vs. Books

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    E-books are digital versions of traditional books which are available online and are readable on other electronic devices or computers. While, traditional books are paper books available at libraries or book stores. E-books came into existence in 1930. The godfather of e- book was Bob Brown, who named it as “Readies”. According to Desiree Dreeuws, “in the 1960s, computer scientists developed what were called hypertext editing and file retrieval systems, which involved document hyperlinking

  • The Book Thief Empowerment In Book

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    The Book Thief: Empowerment in Books Liesel Meminger expresses her feelings, independence, and power through books, whether it is through stealing, reading, or writing them. Books play a crucial role in the development of Liesel’s character and influences the various decisions she makes. The ability to read and write helps Liesel discover who she is, and it helps her understand the people as well as the world around her better. She realizes the corruption of her country and the unnecessary cruelty

  • E Books Vs. Books

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    Criswell 1 Jonas Criswell Mrs. Younger ENGL Comp 2 23 February 2016 “E-Books or Paper Books? That is the Question!” One of the big questions for most college students now entering college is “ [does one] use paper text books or E-books now?” so to start off with a definition of what an E-book is. According to the Oxford dictionary, an electronic book or E-book is “an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or hand held device designed specifically for this

  • Free Argumentative Essays: Should Books Be Banned Books?

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    Banned Books There are multiple reasons that contribute to banning a book, these reasons are mostly drawn from the disapproval expressions targeted towards the content of the book. Even though the reasoning has a valid explanation, it is important to acknowledge the liberty that is being taken away because of this. Without question, the banning of books has increased in public schools due to the complaints submitted by parents or school officials. According to the Butler University, these

  • Cons Of Book Censorship

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    Book censorship tries to shelter us from certain books that carry messages that are known as controversial, but this promotes cleansing children from the harsh reality that we live in today. Censorship is the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, and news. That are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security. Book censorship has taken many great works of literature away from us due to topics that may concern parents or school boards. These topics include

  • The Pros And Cons Of Books

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    Books are challenged/banned all over the world because of their content. But they shouldn’t be. Books are tools and are very important to help students learn and grow. Books are used for leaning, entertainment, and many movies/shows are based on books. Books are banned/ challenged mostly by parents and students because of language, violence, and other things in the book that bother them. For example, the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. The book is based on the characters Clay Jensen, and

  • My Love Of Books

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    remember a favorite nursery rhyme book I looked at over and over, and learning to read an Early Reader book about Dick, Jane, Spot and Puff in school. I was so excited when I could read the words to go with the pictures. I worked hard trying to print single letters and the letters of my name on a tablet of specially-lined paper designed for printing both uppercase and lowercase letters. I looked forward to the Weekly Reader magazine, as well as the special school book-fair orders. What would I pick