Boston College

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  • Train Of Thought At Boston College

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    I wait. This lobby which had once looked so foreign to me is now just those familiar cream-colored tile walls with a door to my hall on one end and a door to the Law School parking lot on the other. I reminisce on when I first arrived here at Boston College. I expected the transition to be difficult as I knew I would miss home and would have to acclimate to being on my own. What I did not expect, however, was for the day I went back

  • Boston College Benefits

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    a balance between life responsibilities and daily connections with family and friends. So far, I have been able to consistently achieve this. The innumerable advantages and unparalleled opportunities at Boston College made it clear that I had to apply. In terms of location and social life, Boston College's campus engenders a perfect atmosphere for my studies, where there are literally hundreds of cultural and social activities to pursue right in one location. Accessibility, along with my acquaintances

  • The Role Of College Students In Boston College

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    Where do the majority of college students, specifically Boston College undergrads, think they are in their lives at this current point in time? One can expect to get a majority of answers that echo sentiments of growth, experimentation, and overall personal development. In other words, most students will say that college is the time in your life when you try figure out who you are, while doing things you never thought you would do or would do normally. However, lurking underneath these seemingly

  • Boston College Business Analysis

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    Boston College is a private establishment that was established in 1863. It has an aggregate undergrad enlistment of 9,154, its setting is rural, and the grounds size is 338 sections of land. It uses a semester-based scholarly schedule. Boston College's positioning in the 2016 version of Best Colleges is National Universities, 30. Its educational cost and charges are $49,324 (2015-16). Boston College was established by the Society of Jesus and has kept up its Roman Catholic Jesuit religious alliance

  • Why I Chose To Study Boston College

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    I have dreamed of becoming a part of the Boston College community for my entire life; the world renowned undergraduate management school, game days, tradition, and religion are all aspects that attract me to Boston College. There are countless other experiences that made me fall in love with the school, however, the strong sense of community encased with unwavering school spirit is a main reason I want to become an Eagle. The The Carroll School of Management is the ideal program to further expand

  • Personal Narrative: My Time At Boston College

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    I have spent a great deal of time on the campus of Boston College, as my wife recently graduated in 2014. I would visit her often and was always amazed by the beautiful architecthure I had never seen such a georgeous campus. There was also all the faculty members and staff who always seemed pleasant and truly happy to be at Boston College. My wife would come home and explain how great her classes were and how her Professors were committed to teaching the class. I was lucky enough to sit in on a few

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Boston College

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    wanted to attend a college close to home and I was not even considering going to a school in the Northeast. This changed, however, when I took a trip to Boston this past summer. Boston was, without a doubt, the best city I have ever visited. I loved the beautiful natural scenery, the amazing restaurants, and the rich history of the town. Overwhelmed by the plethora of universities in the area, I had no idea which college I liked the most, only knowing that I wanted to live in Boston. I expected I would

  • Why I Want To Study Boston College

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    freshly initiated love for Boston College warmed me from the inside out. From the moment I stepped foot on campus on that brisk February day, I knew that Boston College was where I belonged. After completing my tour and participating in an information session, I realized that, through its strong Jesuit education, Boston College would offer innumerable opportunities for me to grow both personally and intellectually. Diversity is one of the many values that Boston College will expose me to. Through

  • College Admissions Essay: Why Am I Volunteer At Boston University

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    multiple jobs at once to support my sister and I, which they always managed to do. Knowing all of this seeing the price of attending Boston University truly affected me. I know how much my parents have done for me and to have to ask them for such a huge sum of money seemed unfair. This scholarship would allow me to get closer to making my dream a reality. I hope to attend Boston University and get a degree in communications, a speciality of the school, get my masters degree with a focus on public relations

  • Goals For Boston College

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    My goals will advance my maturation as a student and a person. The resources provided by Boston College will help me grow as a student by providing new ideas from which to learn. For example, the access to the Connors Family Learning Center will enhance my learning during my time in college. It will help me understand the material in all of my classes. To become a well rounded scholar, I need to have an all round knowledge of various areas of study. The introduction to new ideas through liberal arts