Boy Scouts of America

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  • Benefits Of Boy Scouts Of America

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    of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law”. The founder of the Boy Scouts, Sir Robert Baden Powell, started the program to teach boys outdoor skills and the importance of morals and values. That message remains clear and consistent over 100 years later through the Boy Scout America’s (BSA) mission statement. Even with the evolution of technology Boy Scouts of America

  • The Importance Of Boy Scouts Of America

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    Boy Scouts of America in Unionville and Sebewaing Why should Unionville and/or Sebewaing have Boys Scouts of America? This is a relevant question because when most people think about scouts all they can remember is the cute little boys in their uniforms running around having fun and going camping. What people don’t realize is that although boy scouts is related to Cub Scouts they are vastly different. Boy Scouts is a training program for boys that are 11-18 years old. They are trained in leadership

  • Essay on Dale v. Boy Scouts of America

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    Dale v. Boy Scouts of America This case deals with the Plaintiff's expulsion from his position as Assistant Scoutmaster in a Boy Scouts of America (henceforth called "BSA") troop due to his status as an active homosexual. Dale, the Plaintiff, was serving as an Assistant Scoutmaster in 1990, when, due to a local newspaper article, it was discovered by officials in the local Monmouth BSA Council that he was an active homosexual. A letter was sent to Dale by the Council, notifying him of their decision

  • Boy Scouts of America

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    - The name of this case study is United Way and The Boy Scouts of America. - I will be introducing you to the case while giving you a basic overview and relating it to class. - I will also be answering the first question at the end of the reading. - Aneek will then continue on with case questions 2 and 3 and finally wrap it up with a conclusion. - If you have any questions, you can ask at the end of the presentation. - So, I will now begin the presentation by introducing you to the case

  • The Boy Scouts Of America

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    homosexuals to join the Boy Scouts of America. Effectively on 1 January 2014 ends a one hundred year old ban on allowing openly homosexuals to join the Boy Scouts of America, which is causing a lot of ruckus within the Boy Scout community. That being the case, some of the older generation Boy Scouts are resigning from the scouts and others are accepting the newer generation with open arms. Since, society is changing and accepting the homosexual race, so should the Boy Scouts of America, basing it on the

  • Boy Scouts Of America Program

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    If I was able to form any club, I would create one for the Boy Scouts of America program. The reason for this is because the Boy Scouts program helps shape youth into well-rounded, organized people. The Boy Scouts program sets values for the scouts with their Scout Oath and Scout Law. Scouts are also taught important skills by completing merit badges such as Personal Management, Cooking, Swimming, etc. One benefit from this program is the exposure of skills that will be needed in the future. Merit

  • Analysis: The Boy Scouts Of America

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    The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is a well-known youth organization incorporated over one hundred years ago. My impression of the BSA is an organization whose members include courteous and capable young men going camping, building things, and volunteering for various community service projects. According to “”, the BSA’s official website, part of the scout oath is “…to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.” “Morally straight

  • Boy Scouts Of America Persuasive Essay

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    have known for almost twenty years. But the faces are contorted with anger, and their voices are filled with acrimony because of the issue being debated. Should girls be allowed to participate in all programs of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), allowing them to earn the Eagle Scout Award? I feel conflicted as a woman who has been denied entrance to an all-male organization, but my greatest concern is whether this will be the final blow to the integrity of a great American institution. Research

  • Personal Narrative: Boy Scouts Of America

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    Boy Scouts of America: I have been involved with the scouting program since I was six years old, and continue to be actively involved. I currently working to the rank of Eagle Scout. I am currently the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) of my troop, which includes running the weekly meetings, sending and creating the weekly agenda, updating our Troop website, and help plan Troop outings. On average I spend roughly 5 hours a week with doing activities that are involved with Boy Scouts. Work: I currently

  • Girl Scouts Of Amercia

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    Many girls in America don’t feel empowered in themsleves. One organazion that helps empowers girls is Girl Scouts of Amercia. Girl Scouts helps to build young girls confidence and teach them to become leaders in their commuinty. Girl Scouts has been around for 100 years.Girl Scouts first began in Savannah Georgia with only 18 young girls(Henderson, N).Girl Scouts was founded by Juliette Gordan Low. Low wanted an organazitions that would perpare girls meet their world with courage, condifence and