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  • Dallas Brass Concert Report

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    The Dallas Brass is a brass ensemble that performed on September 24th, 2016 at Hart Middle School Auditorium. The members of this group are Luis Araya and Terry Sawchuk who play the (various) trumpets, Juan Berrios who plays the horn, alto horn, and the Flugelhorn, Paul Carlson and Ryan Christianson who play the tuba and trombone respectively, and Andres Crovetti who is the percussion section. Michael Levine is the created the group back in 1983 and was their trombone player before Ryan joined. The

  • The Compositions Performed By The Canadian Brass

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    This analysis will focus primarily on the compositions performed by the Canadian Brass. The quintet is internationally known for their excellence in performance as well as their style. The ensemble was formed during the 1970’s in Toronto, Canada by Tubist Charles Daellenbach and trombonist Gene Watts. Their style has a wide range which spans from trademark Baroque to Dixieland tunes as well as new compositions and arrangements created particularly for their style. They’ve been around for more than

  • Gunther Schuller's Music For Brass Ensemble

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    In the second movement of his Music for Brass Quintet, Gunther Schuller utilizes unique articulations, rhythmic variance, and different combinations of mutes resulting in tension built from the swiftly changing textures. Throughout the movement Schuller takes advantage of brass instruments ability to double and triple tongue quickly. As seen in measure 3, he sets up the trumpet, horn, and trombone to tongue at different speeds while raising in dynamic. Due to the similar timbre of these instruments

  • Brass Instruments: Classical Vs. Big Band

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    Every brass instruments have mouthpieces, however there are different types and sizes of these which give different sounds. The mouthpiece is there to help your upper and lower lips vibrate when air passes between them. The different sizes of mouthpieces have their advantages and disadvantages, beginner students should use the mouthpiece that comes with the trumpet until their development changes. There are different mouthpiece rims and they all have different sounds to them. A wide rim gives an

  • Destin Brass

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    Destin Brass Products Co. June 26, 2010 CASE ANALYSIS OBJECTIVES The Destin Brass Products Company case analysis focuses on the current accounting practices utilized by the company and its effects on product pricing. Destin’s president, Roland Guidry, is concerned about the pump market competition dropping prices and his company’s ability to remain competitive, yet profitable; since, pumps are 55% of Destin’s revenues. At the same time, the flow controller market remains seemingly untouched

  • Destin Brass

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    Destin Brass Products Destin Brass produces three products used for water purification systems: valves, pumps and flow controllers. They are seeing high competition in the pumps market while competitors are reducing the prices on pumps. Because they do not have any design advantages to their product, they feel they need to follow the market and lower their prices as well. A meeting was held to discuss the declining profits and a proposal to change their overhead allocation method was proposed

  • A Brief Note On Electrical Discharge Machining ( Edm )

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    CHAPTER 2 2. LITERATURE SURVEY 2.1 Introduction Literature review is one of the scope studies. It works as guide to run this analysis. From the early stage of the project, various literature studies have been done. Research journals, books, printed or online conference article were the main source in the project guides. Literature review section work as reference, to give information and guide base on journal and other source in the media. We are broadly classified all the paper into five different

  • African Art Collections at Museums: The Bronze Heads of Leaders and King

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    While I was unable to attend the museums in New York I was able to go to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and The Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington D.C. While I was at both museums I saw that both African art collections had a number of bronze heads of leaders and kings. I noticed that both museums had almost the identical bronze head of the king, so I decided to dedicate this paper on the bronze heads of the Benin kingdom, and the Edo peoples. The bronze head to the upper left

  • Brass Spectroscopy Lab

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    Purpose: Brass is a metal alloy composed of different metals, primarily copper, iron, and zinc. However, the amount of copper in brass affects many of its characteristics, including brass’ color, color, strength and so on. To find out the amount of copper in brass, simple technique can be employed, called spectroscopy. Spectroscopy involves viewing the amount of electromagnetic radiation absorbed by a substance, which can let one determine the concentration of an element that composes that substance

  • The Magical Brass Knuckles

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    dawn. It was the fifth time it had happened. Feeling really annoyed, Scarlet punched the ground, thinking it would make her feel better (but as usual, it did not). Scarlet finally making it back to her house, when suddenly realizing that her beloved Brass Knuckles were missing! Immediately she called her best friend, Kat. Scarlet had known Kat for around 20 years or so, the majority of which were curious ones. Kat was unique. She was outgoing though sometimes a little selfish and mischievous. Scarlet