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  • The Country Of Brazil : Brazil

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    Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and the largest in Latin America. Its limits are: To the north, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana; to the south, Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay; To the east, the Atlantic Ocean; And to the west, Peru and Bolivia. The capital of Brazil is Brasilia. Brazil occupies almost half of the South American territory. Brazil has borders with all South American countries except Chile and Ecuador. The most important cities in Brazil are

  • Brazil : A Snapshot Of Brazil

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    A Snapshot of Brazil Capital Brasilia Largest city São Paulo Ethnic groups (2010) 47.73% White 43.13% Pardo 7.61% Black 1.09% Asian 0.43% Amerindian Official languages Portuguese Demonym Brazilian Government Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic Total area 8,515,767 km2 or 3,287,597 sq mi (5th in the world) Population Density 23.7/km2 or 61.5/sq mi (192nd in the world) Population (2014) 202,656,788 (5th in the world) GDP (nominal) total $2.215 trillion (7th in the world)

  • The Crime Of Brazil And Brazil

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    Brazil has some of the most violent cities in the world. The murder rate in Brazil has been going through the roof each year. Some cities have a murder rate of 50 per 50,000 people. Most murder victims are usually male, poor and teenagers. Most of these crimes take place in the infamous favelas of Brazil. Murder is not the only crime leaking in the shallow streets of the favelas. High-profile rape cases, kidnapping, drugs, and weapons dealing in the favelas are the common headlines in Brazil (Griffin

  • Brazil 's Independence Of Brazil

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    The people of Brazil gained independence from Portugal on September 7, 1822, and became known as the Federative Republic of Brazil. With European, African, and Indigenous peoples influences, Brazil has become a melting pot of ethnicities, religions, and cultures. It is made up of 26 states and has a total population of 205,823,665 people. The two largest ethnic groups are White at 47.7 percent and mulatto (mixed white and black) at 43.1 percent of the population. Most of the population lives on

  • Economic Profile Of Brazil And Brazil

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    3-22-16 Col-299 Jacqueline Gray Economic Profile of Brazil Brazil is the fifth largest country in size and in population ( Brazil officially gained it 's independence from Portuguese rule in 1822 ( The population of Brazil is approximately 206.1 million, according to In fact, it is by far the most populated and largest country in South America. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. Brazil is located in South America on the eastern coast and

  • Brazil And The State Of Brazil

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    According to a survey by Transparency International, Brazil ranked 72nd out of 180 countries when it comes to corruption. This is even higher than economies like Turkey, Bulgaria and Cuba (BRAZIL, n.d.). The government in Brazil separates into three branches. The executive branch is assigned to one president for the entire country of Brazil. Currently serving as the president of Brazil is Dilma Vana Rousseff. She is the first woman elected as president. Rousseff is serving her second term effective

  • Healthcare in Brazil

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    Assessment of Healthcare/Hospital in Brazil Brazil has seen its share of economic downturn in the past century. Brazil’s economy has gained strength since. In 90’s many economic reforms were put in place including tax reform, privatization, deregulation, strict fiscal policy, trade liberalization and a structural and legal framework was set up to attract foreign investment. Introduction of new currency the Real, in 1994 helped cut inflation. Market reforms turned Brazil to become an open economy and

  • Rainforests Of Brazil

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    shows the top ten countries with the most damage done. The chart shows the countries rank, with the amount of land destroyed by deforestation , with Brazil being ranked at #1 for most land destroyed. Brazil is not only ranked #1, but it has more than double the amount of land destroyed for deforestation compared to Indonesia, who is

  • Going To Brazil

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    would be Brazil. I would go to Brazil because, It is really hot there, and it would be really cool to visit places and see things that I have not seen before, for example, main attractions, hiking, waterfalls and more. I would like to visit the beach, they are so tropical and the ocean is beautiful. I would also like to see the big carnivals there, I have heard that they are really cool and fun. Another reason why I would like to go to Brazil is because my Papai or Dad went to Fortaleza, Brazil on his

  • The Architecture in Brazil

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    The architecture in Brazil is amongst the world's most progressive and multicultural construction, creating a visual melting pot. The diversity and multicultural ideas resonate within the architectural designs of each specific architect designing in the country. Brazilians have vastly different architectural styles that are unique to their culture, especially modern styled buildings, utilizing cultural aspects from a mixed background. There are plenty of examples of various architects, from the