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  • Contract Breach

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    1. Introduction Breach of contract is when one or both parties, who came to a mutual agreement, do not fulfil their contractual agreement i.e. interfering in the other party’s performance or non-performance by one or both parties. These are only two of the possible five forms of Breach of Contract. The five types of Breach of Contract will now be discussed in detail. 2. There are five different forms in which Breach of Contract can take place: a. Default of the debtor (mora debitoris) i. Explanation

  • Compensation For Breach Of Contract

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    Section 74: Compensation for breach of contract where penalty stipulated for Section 74 lays down that “When a contract has been broken, if a sum is named in the contract as the amount be paid in case of such breach, or if the contract contains any other stipulation by way of penalty, the party complaining of the breach is entitled, whether or not actual damage or loss is proved to have been caused thereby, to receive from the party who has broken the contract reasonable compensation not exceeding

  • $55 Million Dollar Data Breach at Choicepoint

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    Million Dollar Data Breach at ChoicePoint Abstract Personal data breaches have become epidemic in the U.S. where innocent citizens sensitive information is being left unprotected and subsequently disseminated between hackers. ChoicePoint is an organization that is a premier data broker and credentialing service in the industry. The company was guilty of failing to fulfil their own policy of thoroughly evaluating prospective customer organizations which resulted in a major breach. The source of

  • A Breach Of Psychological Contract

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    A breach in psychological contract is essentially the organization’s inabilities and its setback in accomplishing its obligations towards the employees of the organization (Matthijs Bal, W. Jansen, S. Chiaburu, 2010). Due to the fact that a psychological contract breach is considered a set of unforeseen obligations and occasions that is likely to pose as a barrier between the employee and employer relationship, thereby producing contrary results in the workplace than that which is expected. Lester

  • What Is The Breach Of An Agreement

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    Agreement may be used as evidence in a subsequent proceeding in which any of the Parties allege a breach of this Agreement. 9. Confidentiality. Charter, Lamonea, and Oliva agrees that they will keep completely and strictly confidential the existence of all claims (which led to this Agreement) and the existence, terms, and amount of this Agreement and that will not hereafter disclose or authorize the disclosure of any information --- directly or indirectly --- concerning Charter and Lamonea's

  • Breach of Contract Essay

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    Breach of Contract Jane has decided to buy a dinner service. A neighbour tells her that a sister-in-law, Carolyn, is planning to sell her valuable Coalport service. Jane telephones Carolyn who tells her that the Coalport is a full service, in immaculate condition and completely original. Jane inquires whether the Coalport is in 'athlone blue', knowing that this is particularly valuable. Carolyn replies, "It must be, it's the proper Coalport blue colour". Jane further

  • Breach of Contract and Remedies

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    Forms of breach of contract and the remedies that can be used. Table of contents: Introduction Contracts as a whole Forms of breach of contracts Remedies Introduction: As long as human kind can remember contracts has been in the existence. Goods were exchanged in order to survive. Therefore a contract can be described as an agreement between two (or more) people where one person offers to do something and another person accepts that offer. So when someone agrees to sell and

  • Remedies Under Breach Of Contract

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    1.3 Remedies available under breach of contract 1.3.1 Breach of a Contract A breach of contract is where a party to a contract fails to perform, precisely and faithfully, his obligations under the contract. This can take numerous forms for example, the failure to supply goods or perform a service as agreed. Breach of contract may be either actual or anticipatory.  Actual breach occurs where one party refuses to form his side of the bargain on the due date or performs incompletely. For example:

  • Examples Of Psychological Contract Breach

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    Psychological Contract Breach (PCB) Psychological contract breach is the cognitive perception that an employee has not received everything that was promised formally or informally by the organization (Morrison & Robinson, 1997). Psychological contract breach is perceptual and subjective in nature (Rousseau, 1989). That is, an employee may determine that contract breach has occurred even in the absence of a real breach (Morrison & Robinson, 1997). An employee’s belief that a contract breach has occurred

  • Examples Of Donald Trump's Breach Of Contract

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    Trumps Breach of Contract In terms of business, contracts are really important, they are an agreement between two or more parties to provide a product, perform a service, or commit an act. There are many different types of contract which have different terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are always enforced by law and breaking them can result in actions such as financial penalties. Some examples of different business contracts are; partnership agreement, bill of sale, independent contractor