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  • Drum N Bass And Breakbeat

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    Bass and Breakbeat are two similar sounding genres that have coexisted together since the early 2000s in their current guise. There have been many off shoots of both genres over the years, such as Tech Step, Liquid, Jump up for Drum N Bass plus Nu Skool, Jungle, and Electro for Breakbeat, just to name a few. They are both comparable in sound, production techniques and the technology used to create the music, plus both can trace their roots deriving from Hardcore, which utilised breakbeats in the early

  • Analysis Of `` The Breakbeat Poets `` By Langston Hughes, Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    it to speak to the people, all the people,” and that hip-hop saved poetry from becoming “classical music,” meaning that rap prevented poetry from becoming an old, out-dated art form and renovated it for the next generation (20). Coval’s book, The BreakBeat Poets, says the creation of hip-hop music was by “latchkey kids in the crack era, left to their own devices to experiment wildly and make language and art new and meaningful,” and goes on to say its purpose is to, “move the crowd, relate to the crowd

  • DJ Kool Herc

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    DJ Kool Herc, also commonly known as Kool Herc is credited for hosting the very first hip hop house party in 1973. Although, this party consisted of playing mostly funk records by James Brown, he radically transformed the way records were played through incorporating only the instrumental version of a song and then quickly switching to the break in a separate song. This way of DJing completely revolutionized the term for the next generations to come and laid the foundation of what current DJ’s follow

  • The History Of Hip-Hop

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    Hip-hop began in the streets of New York City 44 years ago to be exact. Hip-hop has gone though a lot of changes up until now. From what I have learned from watching a documentary on Netflix is that hip-hop consists of: rap, graffiti, break-dancing, and disc jockey. In this paper I will do my best to fully explain how rap became what it is today. The way it emerged in 1970’s. There are honestly only two ways I can start off by telling you about what I have learned about where hip-hop came from

  • Differences And Similarities Between Hip-Hop And R & B

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    As we know Hip-Hop and R&B contain many similarities they also share many differences. There are beauty and greatness in all music Hip-Hop, and R&B when I listen to two these genres I tend to notice the differences and the same that they have. The two has the same and difference lyric, tone and melodies The birth of R&B was created by African American in the early 1960’s from Soul music, Jazz, Gospel, Pop music and Blues as time went on R&B was born. In its earlier days, R&B Music was all about racial

  • Similarities Between Hip Hop And Grime

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    Musical genre is defined as a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style or subject matter ( the music genre list 2017 ). Today’s music comes in all styles and forms, this makes it difficult to categorize those new and emerging genres. Hip Hop and Grime both have a culture and are both a rap style genre, that share

  • An Analysis Of Hip Hop Music

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    A break is actually a brief "rest" or "pause" for the core melody within a song used to add further dimension and excitement. It may include a quick instrumental solo or drum interlude or it may be a brief moment of silence, or a combination of each of these elements. In hip hop music, a break is any short piece of music that can be sampled and repeated over and over to create its own melody or drum loop, creating what's called a "Break Beat". Originally hip hop artists & producers would sample breaks

  • Differences And Similarities Between Hip-Hop And R & B

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    R&B Vs Hip-Hop As we know Hip-Hop and R&B contain many similarities they also share many differences. I am an individual who sees the beauty and greatness in all music, but happen to be passionate about two genres, Hip-Hop and R&B when I listen two these genres I tend to notice the differences and the same that they have. The two music genres, Hip-Hop and R&B Shares many similarities and differences especially involving the lyric and the tone and/or melodies. R&B was created by African Americans

  • Hip-Hop Music, Blues, Rap, And Gospel

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    appealing is Hip-Hop, Rhythm & Blues, Rap, and Gospel. All these have an effect on what life should be like. Hip-Hop In the 1970s, an underground urban movement known as Hip-Hop began to develop in the South Bronx in New York City. It focused on breakbeats and house parties.Hip-Hop is appealing by telling the truth about something that deal with

  • The Music Of Hip Hop Essay

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    Throughout the ages, genres such as Rock and Roll, Pop, R&B, and Funk ruled the music spectrum. Before the flow of an emcee rocked the crowd with his/her rhythmic flow, a significant day in music history would soon influence the music industry, cultures, fashion, and make this new genre into a global phenomenon. This significant day was marked on August 13, 1973, or also known as the birthday of Hip-Hop. While Hip-Hop can be commonly be associated with being an emcee/rapper, the art of emceeing