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  • The Rifle Into The Federal Army

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    industrial based economy in the North, the usage of rifled bore firearms became widespread in the Federal Army. Moreover, rifles also saw improvements in loading efficiency, changing the main method of loading to breech loading. Breech loading a rifle, when compared to the archaic method of ramming the bullet down the barrel or muzzle loading, greatly reduced the chance of injury caused by the rifle. In

  • Essay about Civil War

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    historians generally agree that the reason for this was because this was a time of transition for the military. Armies and Navies were still using tactics where they would gather large forces of firepower to bear on the enemy. At the same time, weapons were being developed which were accurate and lethal well beyond any arms of the earlier conflicts. As a result of these two conditions many more casualties were sustained. Add to that the lack of medical knowledge of disease and infection and the

  • United States Government During The War

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    Ordinance Bureau had decided to begin evaluating breech loading carbines for the cavalry. Ripley opposed breech loaders or repeating rifles for infantry use. There was a belief that they would waste ammunition, and were expensive. His main complaint was that the production of these weapons would curtail production of carbines. He saw the inherent advantage of the breechloader for mounted service. It was far simpler to reload from horseback than a muzzle loading arm. Because of this there many options for

  • Submarine Warfare During The Civil War Essay

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    submarines, grenades, and many more. (Weaver) A new invention came out which dominated the battlefield, where every soldier would carry one, rendering the previous rifle in use obsolete. The repeating rifle, also known as a breech-loading rifle, was one of the most dangerous weapons during the war,

  • Essay about We have a Right to Bear Arms

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    Since I was a little girl, I remember hunting season; Dad and Katlyn, my sister, would come home to say they killed a deer. Even though I did not enjoy hunting, I still see how much they love to go; hunting great bonding time for them. My dad taught my sister and me how important gun safety is. He has shown us how to carry a gun properly, never to aim it at anyone, never put our finger on the trigger until ready to shoot, and always leave the safety button on until ready to shoot as well. In my

  • Universal Background Checks

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    the clients life being completely sure that the gun is going to good hands when done. “Repeated pools have shown that over 90% of the American Public supports laws requiring background checks on all gun purchasers, regardless of whether they buy weapons from licensed or private dealers. A survey conducted for the New England Journal of Medicine in January 2013 found that 84% of gun owners and 74% of NRA members also support requiring a universal background check system for all gun sales.” Background

  • Gun History Essay

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    or pistols. By the 1500s people were able to make pistol effective to about four feet. One bad thing was how long the pistols took to reload so they then began to design and create the revolver (18). Then around 1833 the very first breech loader was created. A breech loader is loaded from the back of the gun instead of the front making it a lot quicker and easier to reload. Then shortly after in around 1840 they began to mass produce the first revolver called the pepperbox (Supica,

  • Designing A Custom Paint At A New Gun Shop

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    I have wanted to perform a custom paint job on one of my rifles for a long time. I first learned of people painting guns while at a new gun shop. The owner of the shop had a binder full of pictures of guns that he had painted. Upon seeing this I wanted to learn how to create amazing styles of camouflage and other designs for my rifles as well. I went onto the internet and watched videos on how to properly paint a firearm. I learned that to create the best effects was to paint the gun using a gravity

  • My Design Of Sighting A Gun

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    I. The purpose for my design is to speed up the process of sighting a gun in, the scope to take into compensate the parabolic launch of a bullet, and to hit to target bulls’ eye. Sighting in a gun requires a long trial and error process that any hunter, marine, or police sniper would agree upon. As a bullet is fired from a rifle it rises a few inches for about one hundred yards or more where it descends below the axis of the barrel. The scope looks like any other scope but will account for the

  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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    Fifty eight people dead: the mass shooting in Las Vegas several weeks ago was the deadliest to ever occur in the history of the United states, and has once again sparked heated debates about gun control. It is an issue in which there is no perfect solution that will both retain an American’s right to bear arms while simultaneously eradicating possibility of mass shootings. Liberal media portrays guns as objects that only exist for the sake of appeasing conservatives, and conservative media portrays