Bride burning

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  • Bride Burning, Murders and Dowry Pressure in India

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    Jordan Lamb October 13, 2010 Research Paper Outline Bride Burning, Murders and Dowry Pressure in India I. Women in India are exposed to heinous acts of abuse. A. Women in India have become victims of human rights abuse. B. Different components of Bride-Burning II. Extent of the Problem A. Statistical Analysis of the number of Dowry Related deaths B. Under Reporting of Cases C. Inconsistencies between police reports and Victim Accounts D. Dowry Pressure leads to Suicide

  • How Women Are Treated in India

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    traditions and beliefs are the main reasons to why millions of female foetuses are aborted every year, but it is also the reason behind bride burning, another serious issue in India. Bride burning, also known as dowry death occurs quite frequently in India. It is when the husband or the in-laws decide that the dowry the bride offers is not enough and demands more. If the bride refuses or is financially not able to increase her dowry, she is tortured until she either agrees or dies; otherwise she is murdered

  • Violence Against Women in India

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    Despite the uncertainty over the exact cause of greater numbers of reports of sexual violence against women in India, sexual violence remains an underreported crime because of the stigma and social repercussions associated with reporting such incidents (Asian Human Rights Commission cite). The most recent National Family Health Survey conducted in households across India (cite) from 2005 to 2006 showed that 85 percent of women did not tell anyone about sexual violence they had experienced, and only

  • Bride Burning in India Essay

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    Bride burning in the Hindu religion is a hideous custom enforced by the Brahmin priests to eradicate non-Brahmin women, in order to destroy the non-Brahmin races. Other methods used are wife-burning, sati or widow-burning, jauhar, and witch burning. Most of these murders are passed off or regarded as kitchen fires and are never brought to justice. This is a result of the low status of women in India who are viewed more as personnel property that can be disposed of at anytime. About eighty percent

  • Historical Context : Women 's Rights

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    it is not fully upheld by the bride’s family. This is a large contributor the cruelty and sexual violence targeted to females in Indian society, and has also been linked dowry-deaths, where either her husband or his family commits the murder of a bride. Past Indian governments have accepted the damaging effects of dowries towards women and made it illegal through the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961, yet the policy broadly defined the punishable aspect of the practice making it difficult

  • Essay On Gender Equality

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    In today’s society, we have engineered inventions to know one’s dreams, self-driving cars, etc., but we have not understood the basic principles of human equality. Equality has been fought for throughout all of history, but still, millions are fighting for it still. Gender equality is the equal treatment of people without regard to their gender. All genders are subject to this unfair inequality, however, it seems women are the main victim. Inequality can occur in the workforce, everyday decision

  • Indian Culture : India 's Economy And Cultural Change

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    In India approximately ninety-five percent of the marriages are prearranged by the wives family (Kulman). Once the Indian woman 's parents pick her husband, then his house is now hers. Women are not allowed to make their own decisions, but they are known to be an essential part of the family unit. This contrast is due to India 's economy and the cultural change in their societal traditions. Women are shown to be highly “idealized” throughout Indian culture (Leonard). This statement exemplifies that

  • Preventive Measures Towards Crime Against Women

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    Preventive Measures towards crime against women Violence against women is a technical term used to collectively refer to violent acts that are primarily or exclusively committed against women. Similar to a hate crime, this type of violence targets a specific group with the victim's gender as a primary motive. The United Nations General Assembly defines "violence against women" as "any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or mental harm or suffering

  • Women Empowerment Through Political Reforms Essay

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    With growing globalization, India is advancing in technology but still lagging far behind in terms of women’s equality and rights. The adult illiteracy rate in India was 48% in 1995 Women had 62% illiteracy, whereas men had 34% (UNDP, 1997). The literacy rates are lower in rural areas then urban areas ( These statistics show that there is inequality in terms of education. Nobel Prize–winning economist Amartya Sen states that human capital is important for production potential. The empowerment

  • Hinduism is a Complex and Diverse Religion Essay

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    Hinduism is one of the most complex, most varied, and diverse religions of the world in that there is no “rigid common set of beliefs” (Georgis, 62). For example, one can believe in only one god, or many gods, or no gods (Georgis, 62). One also has the freedom to choose how to practice their faiths in terms of what rituals they practice, what texts they read, or what temples they choose to go to. In fact, “inside of Hinduism there is room for millions of major and minor gods, their temples, and their