British Empire

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  • The British Empire : The Rise Of The British Empire

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    Many consider the British Empire as the most powerful and successful empire to have ever existed. Despite not having many resources or a large population, the small island soon had control throughout the world, accentuating the saying, “The sun never sets on the British Empire”. The British Empire’s presence lasted for nearly four hundred years, through various external and internal conflicts that threatened the country’s resources, people, colonies, and more. The British Empire rose due to a number

  • British Of The British Empire

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    proud to be represented as British; they were happy under the rule of both the British Empire and with the institution of monarchy. However, by 18th century, the colonies came to believe that they needed to break away from the British empire. For the colonies, being part of the British Empire meant that there were advantages as well as eventual disadvantages. The advantage was that, since the colonies were part of the British empire, they could trade with the richest empire on earth; there was an

  • British Colonies And The British Empire

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    conducted a large amount of their trade with the British Empire, they soon began to realize that they could obtain the goods that they desired for less if they decided to trade with other countries. The colonies were known to import large quantities of goods from Europe because most of the commodities that were essential to their current lifestyles were only produced overseas in Europe. This heavy reliance on certain goods eventually allowed the British to institute a monopoly on certain textiles, foods

  • Historiography Of The British Empire

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    Any historiography of The British Raj must first start with the understanding that The British Raj fits within the broader historic concept of The British Empire. In the late 19th Century, many historians proposed that the history of The British Empire could be broken down into The First British Empire and The Second British Empire. The British Raj falls within the category of The Second British Empire within this view. The previous British involvement in India, via The East India Company, would

  • The Importance Of The British Empire

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    The British Empire left a significant mark on the world and it was the Empire with an immense power who governed lots of countries. However, the country which was vastly different from others and had a great influence on Britain was India. India, the most precious pearl in the ocean called the British Empire, was the driving force of growth and development of Britain. Two core reasons of why India was so valuable to Britain are India's location and population. India was vitally important to the Empire

  • Importance Of The British Empire

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    The Cultural Importance of the British Empire During the reign of Queen Victoria, Great Britain was the centre of a global empire, controlling nearly one-quarter of the Earth. Although only a small minority of the population of the Empire was actually British, British bureaucrats directly administrated it. Moreover, Victorian age is often referred to as the period of the Pax Britannica, since the territories controlled by the British Crown lived under a relative peaceful kingdom. Especially the

  • The People Of The British Empire

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    The people of the British Empire often saw their colonisation of other lands as a ‘civilising mission’ – an act to bring ‘civilised’ society – that is, their own culture – to the colonised people, who were often referred to as ‘savages’. This was believed for a variety of reasons, including the notion that the British way of life was superior to others, and that it was therefore in the colonised people’s best interests, the belief that a lack of technology was synonymous with a lack of culture, and

  • The American Of The British Empire

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    succession and control over the Spanish Empire, the American colonies sought independence from the British monarchy and government. The Americans wanted a completely new government, without a King or any form of monarchy. While the Spanish crisis was one of leadership, connection to other empires, a desire to avoid partition. The American crisis in government came about through the actions of the King, and the colonists questioning the authority of the British Parliament to rule over them. The American

  • The American Of The British Empire

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    In the late half of the eighteenth century, the colonies of British North America were at a point in which they wanted more of their own identity and separation from Europe. Some of the colonists felt that way and others were quite content in continuing to live under Britain’s iron fist of legislation that they were imposing on the colonies. After the Seven Years War and the Proclamation Line of 1763, many colonists were outraged and began to display their emotions. The colonist protested through

  • A Summary Of The First British Empire

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    France or Spain, the great powers of Europe. However, within a century, they were able to rise from thievery and pirating to rival colonists, eventually defeat both France and Spain to become the single superpower of Europe, and create the first British Empire. They mimicked early strategies and mostly failed, however, the English citizens were deeply involved with the colonial process, and together they learned from their mistakes and ended up creating solutions such as the navy and Bank of England