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  • The Importance Of Race In The Film 'Slumdog Millionaire'

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    evolve, the importance of human rights and acceptance are constantly emphasized. Through the movie, “Slumdog Millionaire” directed by Danny Boyle I learned about discrimination relating to social class. Additionally, in the song, “Small Town Boy” by Bronski Beat, I learned about how gay individuals may be judged by society. Through further analyzing and exploring these texts, I could seek real-life examples of how human rights can be violated. These texts prove that we must move away from the deep-rooted

  • Essay on Song Analysis Micheal Jackson- Beat It

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    Finch English 109 03 August 2010 Michael Jackson – “Beat It” In 2009, we lost one of the greatest entertainers in music history, however his music still lives on, inspiring and touching people’s heart. I have always been a fan of Michael Jackson, and the reason why I picked this song is because it presents a strong message. Not only did Jackson make a powerful statement with his lyrics, he also made one with his choice of rhythm and beats. The guitars and drums that were used, give the song

  • Descriptive Essay

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    world whizzed past me in the comfort of the car, the cold blanket of air unable to reach my pale skin through closed windows and blasting heaters. The radio was quiet, the music providing ambience on top of the rumbling of the car’s engine. The last beat of the current song ended, filling the car with silence. After a few heartbeats, on came the next song, and I turned my head to look at the radio, hand outstretching to turn the dial up. As the strong, pulsing notes of the electric guitar filled my

  • Short Story: Back To School

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    John but within seconds ran upto him and said, “Poor boys ain’t allowed in our hangout.” Without anytime to respond the group of kids started to tease and harass John. Eric Hunter said, “ Poor boys in this town need a beat down.” Josh Doors replied, “ Not just any beat down, a beat down with our hard, bone, knuckles.” “Just leave me alone, I just come to this school because I have

  • Personal Narrative On The Field

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    My palms were sweaty as I began the process of gearing up for what was ahead of me. The many ideas of what I could possibly accomplish today were whirling around in my head. One beat up shin guard after another, I covered them with a crystal clear white sock to match the dark colored jersey. I took a deep breath lacing up my new cleats I’ve been longing to wear out. The talk from around me was not my focus at the moment, so I stood quietly and put in my ear buds. Soon enough my nerves got

  • Music Analysis Of Rich Chigga

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    lives are often created from someone else's suffering. In the song “Glow Like Dat,” artist Rich Chigga creates a surreal atmosphere with the chill beat and deep bass, while at the same time having an upbeat tempo. Another component of this song is the Indonesian string instrument that play throughout the majority of the song, as it flows evenly with the beat and it doesn’t overshine the other components of the music. During this piece Rich Chigga is rapping and singing about him trying to move on from

  • Language, Language And Language

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    Every musical composition is divided into measures, units of a set number of beats, and certain beats naturally carry more emphasis than others. The most important is the downbeat, the first beat of a measure. The downbeat is always naturally accented, so there is no need to provide an accent mark over it. We call an accent that occurs naturally in a measure a metric accent. In most Western music, the first and third beats have metric

  • Clayton Byrd Goes Underground Essay

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    real obstacles that he needed to deal with to fulfill his ambition. Clayton always wanted to acquire Cool Papa’s identity, but after overcoming challenges he was able to discover his own self-identity. Clayton had to compromise his values to join the Beat Boys because he didn’t want to be a “cute kid”, but that experience helped him find his individual voice that was different from Cool Papa’s. The underground subway symbolizes Clayton’s passage from one phase of life to another. In contrast to the

  • Short Story: The Hero's Journeys

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    Noah had snuck out plenty of times, but never with a camera in his hand. By now, he had the process down to a science, how to slip away and return unnoticed, how to convince his mother he really was sick and not nursing a hangover, and how to bribe Angela when she came close to the truth and threatened to bring his operations to an end. All of them were so distracted anyway, caught up in their own thunderstorm, whisked away on their own adventures and not noticing the saga they could be participating

  • Johnson In Between Dreams

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    comparison to his other songs. This can be found at the 1:00 minute mark where the begins to have a highlight and it louder than all other instruments. At this point Johnson stops singing. The piano is accompanied by the bass and a consistent drum beat that continues throughout the whole song. This album is highly liked and most popular with backpackers as it can simplify every issue and can make you feel safe and at