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  • Jam Fusion Cafe

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    article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that Jam! offers “riffs on traditional breakfast offerings”--which is very accurate. Foods with names like “Elvis Crepes” provide a modern, festive spin on traditional breakfast items. Specializing in gourmet brunch foods, the cafe has an inclusive menu. From the perspective of a celiac the gluten-free coconut banana pancakes made with chia seeds will change your life. As a side with my coconut banana pancake, I chose hash browns and homemade ketchup, much better

  • False Alarm: Hyatt House In San Diego

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    False Alarm It was all a blur. I was rapidly tying my dark gray laces on my converse as the announcement on the speakers continued. I quickly speed walked to the nearest exit on our hotel room floor. We were all the way up on level 12, which was bad but I guess it was better than being on level 20 under the current circumstances. The announcement continued blaring the words, “EVERYONE MUST EVACUATE THIS BUILDING IMMEDIATELY, YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER PROCCED TO THE NEAREST EXIT, DO NOT USE THE

  • Negative Effects Of School Lunches

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    School lunch is an important meal for kids that go to school everyday, but many people wonder about the actual benefits of school lunch provided to kids. School lunch is meant to provide kids the energy to push through the rest of the day and continue to work hard mentally. School lunch is meant to fill a kid’s empty stomach if they missed breakfast or are just hungry. Kids are always advised to eat healthy and get all of their necessary nutrients everyday. Most kids don’t often get their necessary

  • Tom Clark

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    It was the first day of school. Tom Clark was having an absolute great first day. He had amazing teachers and had already found himself a few friends. Tom decides that after he has eaten his lunch he’ll go and play soccer down on the freshly mown school oval with a few of his newly found friends. As soon he got down the steps to the oval, he could feel the energy pulsing through the oval as the sweating and rough guys are yelling and screaming for the ball. The adrenaline rushed Year 8’s were sliding

  • A Dream : A Short Story

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    It was a cold November night, I did not sleep very soundly. I tossed and turned in bed throughout the entire night. I’ve had plenty of dreams before but this one struck out. I informed my mom about the dream where everything was falling apart, little knowing the dream had apparently been sent to warn me about the day I was about to face. It was morning time and the sky was clear, clear light blue painted through the horizon. There are days in life when everything goes wrong and it seemed like today

  • Labatts Narrative

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    A double shot of bourbon neat with a Labatt’s chaser was Evan’s standard drink of choice at the Pussy Corps. He had placed his order with the waitress after taking his usual seat at a little two-seater table that was nicely tucked away in a dark corner near the far side of the stage opposite the entrance. He then looked over the room as he patiently waited for Misty to take to her performance. Not even 1 p.m. and the place already had nearly three dozen patrons. Most of them businessmen who

  • Essay On Race Cars

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    Half-arsed, boring, stupid, whatever you labelled last weekend’s event, with numbers down, I think most will agree there was plenty of room for improvement! Heading into the weekend deep down I knew, like many, that the ‘International SuperSprint’ format was not going to produce the best racing. I accepted that, but still purchased tickets and went along for my annual Supercars trip which generally becomes a highlight of my year. This time I don’t feel like it will be the highlight past years became

  • My Experience At School

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    I awoke on an early morning, my mother tugging on me. I ask, "What are you doing?" in a tired voice. She replied, "Get ready, Armani!" That's when I remembered, that today was the big day, where I would go to school for my first time. In a hurry, I jumped out of my bed and put on my clothes. I've never seen my parents so happy before, and I was confused why. I wasn't quite sure what "school" was, but I knew it was a place where kids like me went and I will learn things. Thinking about it, scared

  • Reflection Paper On Conformity

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    Between working at an after-school program, being a teacher’s assistant in a preschool classroom, babysitting, and working in a sunday school classroom, I have a lot of experience with children and their behaviors. To study conformity, I chose to observe the preschool classroom that I am a teacher’s assistant for. The classroom alternates children every-other day, so my group for this project was the Monday, Wednesday, and every-other Friday group. The class usually has about four girls and two boys

  • Copper Mountain: A Short Story

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    It was a sunny Colorado morning. My dad and I were taking our annual hut trip; however, we had better planning because this was our third trip. We began the morning like any other day; we got up, gathered our gear and rushed out the door, excited to start the day. As we were driving up the twisting roads in the mountains, we made a quick side stop to get some breakfast. “Do you think this will be an easy hike?” I looked at him with inquiring eyes. “This is the biggest climb we’ve done, but we know