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  • Developments in Improving Care for People with Special Needs

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    system, namely financial support. Despite the growing population of people with special needs around the globe, the barriers they have to accessing care, be it from communication to financial constraints, are high (World Health Organization, 2012). In Brunei, although numerous strategies and programmes, which aim for the rights of the disabled to be protected, have been developed, Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah (HRH) asserts that there is still room for improvements (Rabiatul Kamit, 2013). This essay

  • Criteria For The Labelling Of Smes

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    on the criteria set by a particular country. The criteria for the categorization of SMEs can be scaled by looking at the company’s turnover sales, some countries look at the number of employees in the business and there are countries which perceived SMEs based on mixed criteria. In addition, global organization entities such as European Commission and World Bank also have their own views on how to identify SMEs. The European Commission states that “the criterion of the number of staff as the main

  • Implementing A Single Free Trade Area For Asean Integration ( Iai )

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    IN BRUNEI Brunei Darussalam is a small country in the Malay region. It maintains an Islamic Monarchy and an independent autonomous Sultanate government that follows written a constitution. The country had an estimated population of 406,200 in 2012, with 57% are aged from 20-54 years old. Brunei is among the highest literate country which has a literacy rate of about 93.7%. The Brunei’s dollar has the same value of the Singapore dollar and both currencies can be used interchangeably in Brunei and

  • English Personal Statement Of Purpose

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    Statement of intent: I was once often told that I will never be able to use English like a native speaker in my younger school years. English is my third language. To many linguist, I may be regarded as an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) student. There may even me preconceived prejudiced notions that I do not use English enough or that I do not have much use of English to be able to attain native-like proficiency in the language. I am one of the EFL learners of English who is not demotivated

  • Women's Effect on Society Nowadays and Before

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    2003) In this study, we using article entitled The Progress of Malaysian Women since Independence 1957 – 2000 by Ministry of Women and Family Development with funding support from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam, that published in September 2003. 1. Women in decision making and power sharing (first wave of feminism) The percentage of Malaysian women MPs of 9.8 per cent in 2000 is still below the average figure of 14.1 per cent for Asian countries

  • Strategic Location And Energy Reserves

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    resolve difference and disputes. We will do so in accordance with and in adherence to the norms, customs, and principles of international law" (Cheng, 2016). Disputes in the SCS have been a long-standing issues amongst claimants such as Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Republic of China. Apart from territorial disputes, the SCS holds a critical geostrategic importance due to its strategic location and energy reserves (Kaplan, 2011). Increased of China assertive action

  • Causes Of The 1962 Rebellion Essay

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    Saifuddien Sa’adul Khairi Waddien. It involves the first nationalistic party in Brunei named Partai Rakyat Brunei (PRB), which led by Sheikh A.M. Azahari and the rebellion led by their illegal armed forced, which to be known as North Kalimantan National Army or Tentera Nasional Kalimantan Utara (TNKU) the commander, Jassin Affandy.. According to Harun Abdul Majid (2007, p.36), the revolt occurred due to the issue whether or not Brunei to join Malaysia, which to be known as Malaysian Plan. Furthermore, the

  • The Asean Regional Centre For Biodiversity Conservation

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    populations and better informed decision-making. Borneo Hub Borneo Hub is an open science platform for transboundary information sharing across the Southeast Asian island of Borneo, which is divided between the nations of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei Darussalam. Developing innovative means of promoting sound conservation practices in this region – described as “the last remaining place where the Indo-Malaysian forests of Southeast Asia can be conserved on a scale large enough to be permanently

  • The Value Of Stilt Houses Built Over Water Pre 19th Century

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    A study in Southeast Asia of Stilt Houses built over water pre 19th century. ARCHHTC 340: Oceanic Architecture and Urbanism Nadia Ayshah Kathryn Rivai 1839895 2016 This essay will explore an understanding into stilt houses built over water on the island of Borneo of Southeast Asia before the nineteenth century. I chose to specifically investigate the value of stilt houses in Borneo because as a singular building how it became the container of a life for various the tribes. Following the migratory

  • Government Policies Implemented.

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    motive to strengthen its relationship with other countries in the world. ASEAN The association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was established on 8th August 1967 in Bangkok by the Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. Brunei Darussalam joined ASEAN on 8th January 1984, Vietnam on 28th July 1995, while both Laos and Myanmar were admitted on 23rd July 1997 and Cambodia in 1999. Objectives: The aims