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  • The Benefits Of Renewable Energy In ASEAN

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    economic also increase the energy consumption in ASEAN. Due to rich in natural resources and highly liberalized economic policies, ASEAN countries are chosen as the most suitable place for foreign investor to develop their industrial project. For example Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia

  • The Three Types Of An Absolute Monarchy

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    monarchy that being: Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Andorra, Brunei, Oman, Swaziland, and lastly Vatican City. Out of the 195 countries in the world, only one being the United Arab Emirates is in the top 100 countries for population placing 93rd with a population of about 9,400,000. The other 6 fall far behind with Oman placing 125th with about 4.6 million, Qatar in 139th with about 2.6 million, Swaziland in 151st with about 1.4 million, Brunei in 169th with about 430,000, Andorra in 185th with about

  • Asia Southeast Asian Nations ( Asean )

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    economic growth in a relatively short period of time; yet it is a region without a strong regional institution. There are several regional organizations in Asia starting with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) established in 1967 (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam), ASEAN plus three (China, Japan, South Korea) in 1997, ASEAN Regional Forum, East Asia Summit, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), etc. Despite the numerous

  • Disadvantages Of Harmonization Of Law

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    questions such as if they are all qualified, what about those who are not qualified and those who do not want to use the ASEAN dollar. The currency right now shows that Brunei and Singapore are above every other member while Malaysia is catching up, others are far behind. If ASEAN dollar, would be put in to use, countries like Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia may copy what Britain did since the Britain pound is higher than the euro. (Young, McCord, & Crawford,

  • The Importance Of The Trans-Pacific Partnership

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    between Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States, and Vietnam. This agreement aims to promote free trade, revoke economic growth and create more jobs. The member countries whose joint gross domestic production will account for 36 percent of world GDP, and their mutual trade accounts for approximately 24 percent of world trade. The TPP was established with the P4 agreement in 2006 between four nations- Brunei, Chile, New Zealand

  • The Role And Development Of The Global Islamic Economy In Malaysia

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    and secondary market levels. As of mid-2013, Malaysia was responsible for USD148 billion of outstanding Sukūk, or 60.4% of the total global value. Other jurisdictions in Asia that are active Sukūk issuers include Indonesia, Pakistan, Singapore and Brunei. In 2012, Indonesia accounted for 7.0%, and Pakistan for 1.5%, of global issuances. Malaysia is also leading the Asian region in asset management, with 80.7% of Islamic fund assets under management and a total of 188 funds worth USD13.1 billion in

  • Decolonization Of The British Empire

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    Westminster Act gives the Dominions- Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, the option to abolish appeals to the JCPC. The critical juncture for all other states is the year of independence starting with India and Sri Lanka in 1948 to the most recent, Brunei, in 1984. I hypothesize that the longer length of time the state was a colony increases the likelihood that the JCPC will be retained. Second, type of colonial rule-direct rule (as opposed to indirect) increases the likelihood that the JCPC will be

  • Dubai's Political and Economic Development: Essay

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    Regional Ovemiew and Historical Background Dubai's Development History I1 PI1 Explaining Dubai9sDevelopment Outcome Why Not Other Gulf States? Dubai versus the Development Literature IV Dubai in a Cornparatbe Corntext Saudi Arabia Qatar Brunei Conclusion Appendix Bibliography Introduction Dubai, a tiny,

  • Swot Analysis Of Maybank

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    service provider in Malaysia with more than 2600 ATM machines around the country in Malaysia. Besides that, Maybank is the first instant international money transfer service adopted by a Malaysia bank obtainable through Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and Pakistan. Not to be out done,they also the first to present internet banking in Malaysia which is a user-friendly website, Therefore, customer will feel more convenient and efficiency when

  • Impacts Of The Regional Trading Blocs

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    Since the World War II, the creation of regional economic blocs has become an essential political remedy that gathers countries and nations rather than divide. Essentially, the creation of the economic regional blocs aims to minimize the obstacles between nations that share the same geographic border and to facilitate the circulations of goods and services. In fact, the regional trading blocs differ in terms of political structure and economic objectives, but the rapidity of trading goods and services