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  • Was Brutus An Honorable Man

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    conspirator is defined as being a traitor and committing an illegal or wrongful act. I think Brutus was not being an honorable man and played a role as a traitor against his country and friend. First of all, Brutus did not know what his country wanted and what was best for it. Second, Brutus didn’t even know what he wanted until Cassius deceived him. Lastly, Brutus was a traitor toward Caesar and his country by killing his dearest friend. My argument claims that Brutus was a dishonorable man and he did

  • Julius Caesar Rhetorical Analysis

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    the traitor’s good sides and make it seem as if he had joined them so that he could convince the citizens to fight against them with him. He deceived the traitors and convinced them to let him speak at Caesar’s funeral, and in this speech he turned the citizens against them using very powerful rhetorical skills. After he had drove the traitors from the city, he took control of the city and led them to victory in a war against the conspirator’s armies. These are three telling examples that prove Antony’s

  • How to Identify Villains and Heros Essay

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    and villains using the senators of Rome to show the difference between heroes and villains. The hardest character to determine was the hero Brutus, by analyzing his loyalty, background, and his intentions, one can determine that Brutus was a hero to Rome. Brutus’ loyalty helps shape whether his cause was justice or unjustified. In the beginning, Brutus is walking with Caesar. He even helps him when a soothsayer tells him to beware the Ides of March. “What man is that? / A soothsayer bids you

  • Julius Caesar Speech Analysis

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    assassination in a phenomenal, vivid manner. Alongside rendering the events that lead to Caesar’s merciless and bloody assassination, Shakespeare extended the play to the rivalry between Mark Antony and Octavius vs. Brutus and Cassius. This pathetic rivalry induces the deaths of both Brutus and Cassius. Brutus’s death signifies his noble and virtuous character. When Mark Antony had discovered Brutus’s lifeless body he said, “This was the noblest Roman of them all.” (Act 5.5). Cassius’s death, on the

  • Why Is Brutus A Hero In Julius Caesar

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    witnesses Brutus stab him, “Then fall Caesar!” As Brutus was that of the most trusted of Caesar. Political extremism was pushed onto Caesar which convinced him to conspire with envious senators and ultimately, participated in the brutal assassination of Caesar, who was ruthlessly stabbed 33 times, so he could become active ruler in Rome in the works of William Shakespeare derived from the play Julius Caesar. With what is being claimed, Brutus couldn’t possibly have been an honest man but a traitor. Brutus

  • Was Brutus A Betrayer Or A Patriot

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    Do you think that Brutus is a betrayer or a patriot? I think he was both but if I had to pick I would say he was a betrayer. I think he was a betrayer because he killed his best friend for the good of Rome but it wasn’t a good thing. Brutus was a betrayer because he wanted to kill Caesar just so he could take his place. He was a betrayer because he killed his best friend instead of thinking of another way to stop him. Brutus was finally convinced to kill Caesar when Cassius planted fake letters from

  • Why Is Julius Caesar Bad

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    wrong with the whole plan to kill Caesar, and that Brutus should not have listened to him, but that we are talking about Brutus let me just say some things about him. Brutus was a fellow friend of Caesar but the problem was is that he started to listen to Cassius a fellow traitor of Caesar but used to be his friend a long time ago, in the story when Cassius and Brutus met on the day when Caesar has come from his conquest from Pompay Cassius told Brutus stories of how Caesar was a little girl and that

  • Dante Alighieri 's Influential Late Medieval Epic

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    treason, damning historical traitors and two-faced politicians to the horrors of Hell’s lowest circle. In this highly allegorical journey, Dante, as a pilgrim, descends deeper and deeper into Hell, witnessing the plight of sinners fated to eternal damnation. Since Dante Alighieri was both a politician and a poet, he placed numerous politicians into The Inferno in order to demonstrate the devastating effects of the political schisms created by these individuals. Marcus Junius Brutus, a member of the Roman

  • Comparing the Speeches of Mark Antony and Brutus in Julius Caesar

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    Comparing the Speeches of Mark Antony and Brutus in Julius Caesar The play 'Julius Caesar' was first performed in 1599 at the Globe theatre in London. The Globe theatre was built earlier that year and 'Julius Caesar' was one of the first plays performed there. This gives us reason to believe that the play was written towards the end of 1598 and beginning of 1599. William Shakespeare wrote the play 'Julius Caesar' because 'Plutarchs Lives', William Shakespeare's source

  • Political Choices In Julius Caesar

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    However, while Brutus and Cassius took part in the conspiracy, and their character and political standings changed according to how their lives are affected negatively, Antony and Octavius did not take place in the murder, and are portrayed as enemies of the conspirators. Therefore, Antony and Octavius are not marked as traitors to the Roman republic, and their characters change based on how Caesar’s death benefits them