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  • History of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an NFL Team

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    History of The Tampa Bay Buccaneers As an NFL Team When you hear the phrase ‘Tampa bay Buccaneers’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me it’s the sound of cannons firing, celebrating the score of a touchdown in Raymond James Stadium located in Tampa Florida. This is where my love for an NFL team blossomed into a die-hard fan. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers first joined the National Football League in 1976 in the NFC Central division, later changing to the NFC South division. The NFL

  • Misfortunes Of Ramírez

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    describes the adventures of Ramírez, a poor Spanish American carpenter from Puerto Rico, taken captive by British pirates and who voyaged with them for two years. The book portrays Ramírez as a victim while emphasizing the graphic depictions of English buccaneer cruelty in order to serve Ramírez and the Mexican Viceroy’s purposes. However, through careful examination of the story, I believe that he indeed was a pirate, and will explain so in this essay by arguing four points: first, that Ramírez headed towards

  • Analysis Of The Documentary ' Pirates, Galleons, And Treasure ' Globe Trekker '

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    When watching “Pirates, Galleons, and Treasure: Globe Trekker”, one certainly does learn something about pirates and their history. However, that does not mean the documentary is particularly useful. In fact, the documentary while mostly accurate still has some small discrepancies and does not provide enough detail for it to be helpful to those actually studying pirates. The documentary is a fun resource for those who want basic facts, but leaves some facts to assumptions and seems to gloss over

  • Tampa Bay Case Study

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    question marks surrounding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Would quarterback Jameis Winston take a step forward in his second season as the Buccaneers' starter? What type of production would the Buccaneers get out running back Doug Martin, who they re-signed over the offseason to a five-year deal? Finally, could first-year head coach Dirk Koetter lead Tampa Bay to the playoffs? Fast forward to Week 12 and it seems like all those questions have been answered, as the Buccaneers are playing exceptional football

  • Factors In Charles Duhigg's The Power Of Habits

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    Habits are choices that people continue to make repeatedly without consciously thinking about them. They start as decisions, but eventually become an autonomic process. Habits are very useful tools if known how to construct properly, however, they can also be destructive. It is crucial to understand how they work and the components behind them in order to overcome the destructive habits. A common misconception about habits is that in order for one to change their habit, willpower is the most important

  • Taking a Look at Bo Jackson

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    The concept of two-sport or multi-sport athlete enormously filters the list of great athletes throughout history and, if used as a measuring rod, leaves us with the best of all time: Bo Jackson. Bo Jackson is not known in Spain, despite starring in Bo Knows Nike brand campaign that remains today, the most successful of the multinational. In these famous ads, which have their own Wikipedia page, under the slogan knows Bo (Bo knows), Jackson first played football and baseball, two sports that was professional

  • Tony Dungy 's Quiet Strength

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    Tony Dungy is a highly respected pillar in the athletic community. Breaking barriers throughout his coaching carrier; he was propelled into the spotlight when he became the first African American coach to win a Super Bowl title. Shortly following his victory in Super Bowl XLI came much intrigue into his coaching style and personal life. Many wondering how he gained the respect of all his players and produced positive results while maintaining a calm demeanor. In his book, Quiet Strength, Tony

  • Bo Jackson Info Speech Essay

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    even considered joining the USA Olympic team, but opted not to because he wouldn’t get any financial security of the MLB or NFL, nor have the time to train for the Olympics. c. Professional Career ii. Even though Jackson told the Buccaneers he wouldn’t go to the NFL, they still drafted him first overall in the 1985 NFL Draft. He spent the 1986-87 playing for the Kansas City Royals, but he spent most of those years working his way up the minor leagues. Following the 1987 season, Jackson

  • The ' Three Huge Questions Leading Into Week 10 Against The Buccaneers

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    THREE HUGE QUESTIONS LEADING INTO WEEK 10 AGAINST THE BUCCANEERS 1. Will Matt Cassel finally figure out to deliver and take home a W? OK, so he hasn 't been horrific since he took over for a struggling Brandon Weeden, who took over for an injured Tony Romo. (the fact that, there are this many quarterbacks in the talks for the Cowboys this season is beyond heartbreaking) Anyway, Cassel has shown some life and even made some impressive plays on the field. However, we are still sitting in at 2-6

  • Racism In Racism

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    Racism has always been a problem with this country, but lately people are starting to express themselves and their ethnicity. Football is a big deal to this country because it is our sport. NFL players are speaking out, well actually they are standing out to show America that they are not okay with how they are being treated. When a national figure such as an NFL player refuses to stand for the national anthem, it shocks people into paying attention and generates conversation. Three reasons why athletes