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    Kid Rock, Fuel, and Buckcherry For my first critical essay, I have chosen to review my attendance and experience at a rock concert. On Thursday January 18, at the Scottenstein Center in Columbus, I attended the concert of the controversial Kid Rock. Other performers at the show included rock bands Fuel and Buckcherry. Although there were only three bands that preformed that night, I found another source of entertainment within the crowd of people; the wild antics of the die hard fans

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    Media takes all forms of shapes, from video games to music it influences people daily because we are always surrounded by it. Music especially impacts individuals because in a lot of ways it can say what we want to say in times when we as individuals cannot say it. In those times we lean on music to help us understand the hardship we are going through, or as a mechanism to face our feelings or to block them out. Interpersonal violence which is defined as an individual using power over another in

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    How to ruin a life: do drugs. Specifically the drug cocaine, a stimulant that increases alertness, energy, and attention. Cocaine is a fine, white powder that people get high from. Creating this drug consists of mixing chemicals in with the drug. There are several ways the body can consume this drug; sniffing it, injection, inhalation, and oral injection. Primarily, this drug comes from leaves off of a coca bush in South America. Columbia produces about 90% of America’s cocaine. The United States

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