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  • Analysis Of 2014 / 2015 Annual Budget

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    Analysis of 2014/2015 Annual Budget In the 2014-2015 budget, whose fiscal year is July 1st, 2014-June 30th, 2015, Gallatin had a proposed total municipal general fund of $34,259,839. The estimated total funds for the 2014 fiscal year was $39,246,745 and the actual available funds for 2013 fiscal year was 38,253,991. The actual total revenue in 2013 was $28,750,055. In 2014, the estimated revenue was $29,406,004 and the proposed total revenue for 2015 is $27,216,293. The majority of the revenue is

  • Organization And Design Of An Effective Budget Function By R. Gregory Michel

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    Organization and Design of an Effective Budget Function by R. Gregory Michel was published in 2002 by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). This book is available to purchase separately or as part of a series known as the GFOA’s Budgeting Series, which is comprised of a total of seven books. Of these seven books, R. Gregory Michel is the author of three: Cost Analysis and Activity-Based Costing for Government, Organization and Design of an Effective Budget Function, and Decision Tools for

  • The Land Banking Policy On The County's Planned Programming Budget Systems

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    The Land Banking policy contributes heavily to the County 's Planned-Programming Budget Systems. (PPBS), a type of budgeting that stresses the use of analytical techniques to improve policy-making. the format that comes closest to rational budget decision-making. The PPBS takes organizational goals and break them down into specific objectives and group similar activities into programs that relate to each other. An example is the protection of persons and property. Other policy recommendations

  • The Role of Nigerian National Assembly in the Budget Process

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    THE ROLE OF NIGERIAN NATIONAL ASSEMBLY IN THE BUDGET PROCESS A PAPER WRITTEN BY DANIEL OMOLEWA OGUNSOLA APRIL, 2009 Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Introduction 4 3. Balance of Budgetary Powers 5 4. The National Assembly in Nigeria’s Budget Process 7 4.1. Legal Framework 8 4.2. Institutional capacity 10 4.2.1 Effective Appropriation Committee Capacity 10 4.2.1 Establishment of a Budget Office 10 a. Journey So Far 11 b. Challenges 11 c. Prospects 11 4.3 Political Will

  • Acc 202: Final Project Part Ii Budget Variance Report.

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    ACC 202: Final Project Part II Budget Variance Report Christie Herron Southern New Hampshire University Budget Variance report Planning is a function that is employed by every organization in projecting the future outcome of the firm. Successful firms achieve their goals through the use of different types of budgets. These budgets include, production budget, sales budget, labor budget and expenses budget. These budgets also show the targets that should be achieved by the firm within the budgeted

  • Essay about Budget Critique

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    Budget Critique The budget for the city of San Clemente, California, fiscal year 2011 can be found at the following link: http://ci.san-clemente.ca.us/sc/org/Finance/Downloads/Budget/Download/00_2011_Budget_Adopted.pdf The budget for the city of San Clemente has received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards from the Government Finance Officers Association for the past 17 years. Not surprisingly, considering those honors, the city's budget is organized

  • Building A Budget Plan For The United States Of America ( Usa ) And A Multinational Corporation

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    make informed financial decisions. For AT&T, Inc., the capital budget is vital in putting to use the available resources. The act of prioritizing mainly ensures that critical segments of the company are first to be factored in the budgeting process and that they are adequately funded at all times (Wyatt, 2013). In that process, it is easy for the company to identify deficits and adequately plan for loans or stock financing. Since a budget is a component of sound and responsible financial management

  • Is The Budget Has Outlived Its Usefulness On The 21st Century?

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    purpose of this paper is to examine the question of whether the budget has outlived its usefulness in the 21st century. Over the past 20 years, people within the academic and business worlds have argued that it is time for companies to move away from traditional budgets to a concept known as beyond budgeting (Sandalgaard & Nikolaj Bukh, 2014: 409-410). Researchers and business practitioners have argued that the traditional budget process requires too much time, with some estimating that traditional

  • How Budgets Are Used For A Continuous Planning Process

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    Budgets are widely used in organizations as a part of a continuous planning process. Drury (2012) listed six mechanisms they provide, namely planning, co-ordination, communication, control, motivation and performance evaluation. Traditional budgeting is a long-term plan based on historical performance which indicates managers’ anticipations of the period by setting goals and forecasts (Bonner, 2008). An increasing number of researchers argue that traditional budgeting cannot align with today’s business

  • Allocating a Budget Plan: Project Implementation for Economic and Strategic Development of the City

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    Running Head: BUDGET ALLOCATION Budget Allocation Introduction Major Paul Allen is an elected public official of a city with a population of between 50,000 and 250,000. To assist a newly elected Major with economic and strategic development of the city, a city manager allocates $10 Million budget to the city council. The city council could qualify for the 100% federal matching funding if Major meets the federal standards. The objective of this paper is to provide the proposed expenditure