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  • The Sustainability Of A Building

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    generations. It is hard to find a balance between sustainability and our economy. Economic growth however, also depends on a sustaining and functional environment. LEED is an organization that does not successfully evaluate the sustainability of a building. Instead some other organizations does better at evaluating in detail and continuously of how it is sustainable and how it has continued to be more eco-friendly. Politics is connected to natural resources, the issue of global warming, and sustainability

  • The Council On Tall Buildings And Urban Habitat

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    awe dropping, highlighted by the various high-rises and skyscrapers that outline the city. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) defines a high-rise building as “a building whose height of over 75 feet creates different conditions in the design, construction, and use than those that exist in common buildings of a certain region and period” (CTBUH). High-rise buildings exist in our civilization, mostly in our large cities, to save space and money. “In large urban areas, cost of construction

  • The Environmental Performance Of New And Existing Buildings

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    Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. It is used to assess the environmental performance of new and existing buildings. Standard types of BREEAM assessment scheme exist for common building types:  Courts  Eco-Homes  Education  Healthcare  Industrial  Multi-residential  Offices  Prisons  Retail The assessment relates to eight areas:  Overall management of the building  Energy use  Health and well being  Pollution  Transport  Land use and ecology  Materials  Water Assessment

  • Team Building

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    toward completing task in teams rather than individuals. This may mean employees may be required to attend training seminars or workshops to show them how to do this. Rewarding these individuals is essential for organizations to keep the team building moving forward. IBM showed how a company close to collapse can be turned around by working in teams, not just individually. By understanding the group-decision making process, the stages of group development and ways to improve teams, working in

  • Building Defects

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    BUILDING DEFECTS PART 1 • Identify common building defects • Identify the source • Provide pictures, diagrams and sketches • Suggest remedial action • Show details that would have avoided the defect PART 2 Generate a scheme for planned maintenance and provide a building checklist to ensure all necessary maintenance is carried out on a regular basis. INTRODUCTION In this project we will be looking at many different kinds of building defects that would be commonly seen in the construction

  • The Importance Of Materials For Low Impact Buildings

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    Materials for Low Impact Buildings ARC 6821 Elena Constanti Number of words: 3002 CONTENTS Introduction 3 Chapter 1: Sheffield 1.1. Site Location and specification 4

  • The House Building Methods Within The Uk

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    Introduction With more interest into the industrialization of house building methods within the UK, attention has been narrowed down to certain manufactured structural components and specifically the problems of “wet trades”. Less focus has been put on quality and how efficient the assembly process on site. The process of house building has been focused on traditional methods rather than a specific method. The absence of standards which should be applicable for good practice, these problems can be

  • Comparison Of The Chrysler Building And The Seagram Building

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    When thinking of buildings that were ahead of their time two come to mind the Chrysler Building and the Seagram Building. Both of these structures were built to withstand the elements of time and are still beautiful to this day. These buildings have been featured on the cover of magazines, tv shows and are modern marvels in today's society. Between the two buildings, one can not help but look at the similarities as well as the differences between the two. Today I want to discuss these differences

  • Case Study On Intelligent Building

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    Intelligent Building – Case Study on Securities Commission Headquarters, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Abstract   In this present day, buildings have changed and evolved rapidly throughout its time. A building is not merely just a structure with roof and walls but have also become a self-sustaining integrated structure where it provides noteworthy benefits to the building occupants and end user with the use of ever-growing technology and clever design. With the increase in popularity of intelligent building

  • The Building Structure Of The Freedom Tower

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    The Freedom Tower also known as “One World Trade Center” is the tallest skyscraper in the western hemisphere, and the fifth tallest skyscraper in our planet earth. The building structure consists of 104 stories can also be described as the North Tower of the original World Trade Center. The Building location is 285 Fulton Street, Manhattan New York, United States 10007, as depicted in the map below Figure 1. Figure 1- Location of One World Trade Center Some of the important