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  • Characteristics Of The French Bulldog

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    The French Bulldog is a small dog with a big, funny personality. They are known as being good companions and for their funny quirks, and they can be great pets for anyone who loves dogs. If you want to adopt a French Bulldog, or if you're simply curious about the breed, here'a all the basic information you should know. Characteristics of French Bulldogs •French Bulldogs usually are around 12 inches in height •They typically weigh between 19-28 pounds •They can be found in a variety of colors, including

  • Banning Of Pit Bulldogs Essay

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    dogs owned by dog owners is the pit bulldog. They are said to have a friendly temperament and is remarked for being attached to their owners. Pit bull dogs are good pets, but they can cause severe problems if they are not trained correctly. Even with their friendly attitude towards human, they are aggressive and defensive towards their territory. This tends to threaten the society when considering how to control the pit bulls of mauling incidents. Pit bulldogs and other attack dogs should be banned

  • Bulldogs Speech

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    I hope that my speech has shed some light on the bulldog breed. Their history, unique features, and random facts, and I wish that you have all learnt something new about them today. Thankyou for you're time." English bulldogs were once used to guard, control and bait bulls. They are known for their strength, intelligence and stubborn nature. English bulldogs are strong, stubborn dogs that should be given obedience training and socialization from the time that they are small puppies to ensure that

  • Persuasive Essay About English Bulldogs

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    bred, raised, and placed English Bulldogs into their new forever homes, I ran into many issues both with the dogs and the people I encountered along the way. Although I researched the breed thoroughly prior to the purchase of my own English Bulldogs, I still managed encounter health and temperament issues of the dogs, as well as the common greedily natured people wanting to breed them to make a quick buck. There are, however many wonderful owners of English Bulldogs that love their dogs immensely;

  • Descriptive Essay On French Bulldogs

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    French Bulldogs are amazing dogs, in my opinion, and there’s lots to know about them! I’ll be honest, I don’t really like dogs, and I’m not a dog person. However, 2 years ago I got a French bulldog, and she’s one of the things I love most. That just shows how lovable these dogs are. Sometimes they’re silly looking, or have bad attitudes or behavior, and usually have a lot of problems, but they’re still amazing. I never used to like them, but after getting one, I love them! First of all, French

  • Difference Between Bulldog And Pitbull

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    Difference Between American Bulldog vs Pitbull Life on earth exists due to god. Everything in this world is god's creation- animals, plants, humans, birds and insects. They all are wonderful and precious. In this vast earth there are many animals which are either domestic or wild. Dogs are one of such animals kept as pet in many homes. There is an old relation between humans and dogs. Dogs are of many kinds and people own them of their choice and function for safety and guard. But here... We are

  • Brachycephalic Syndrome Essay

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    The Dogs Don’t Bark A Lot But They Do Make Other Sounds English Bulldogs will not bark usually like some other varieties of dogs that bark for distraction. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that they are necessarily quiet all the time. Instead, they often make snorting or snoring and wheezing sounds frequently, especially while they’re asleep. That is again because of their flat and short face characteristics. Brachycephalic Syndrome: The Reason for the Condition The word “brachycephalic,” when broken

  • Selective Breeding Essay

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    How Selective Breeding is Hurting the Bulldog Everyone has heard of the bulldog. There are English bulldogs, French bulldogs, and many more. What if someone were to tell you that because of selective breeding, your precious pooch may be in danger. Selective breeding is something that breeders do to get the best looking dogs. Breeders do this for show dogs and for sport dogs but in the the bulldogs case it is very dangerous. Bulldogs are now faced with a decreased lifespan, more health problems,

  • Taking a Look at Bull Dogs

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    Soft, sweet, plump, wrinkly, and chubby are some words that come to mind when describing the bulldog. Dying, overweight, and unhealthy are other, not so common words that can be used. Connie Chambers, 40-year old bulldog breeder states, “The physique of bulldogs today is perfect. Their cute, fat faces and bodies”(Denizet-Lewis). Unfortunately, the fat faces and the shape of the body lead to chronic health issues with the dog and all of the puppies then bred from that dog. When a breeder wants a fat

  • Bulldog Breeders

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    Traits to Look for in Finding American Bulldog Breeders Pet lovers are everywhere. You can see them in almost every corner of the world. It has been because of human origins where there were some professionals who were able to dig ancient evidences. The fossils they found proved that people have always been passionate about their beloved animals. Instead of treating them as their foes, these little darlings became their best buddies. Having a pet dog is one. This became why people considered having