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  • Persuasive Speech About Dollar Bill

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    One of the most powerful currencies in the world is the United States Dollar. The term dollar actually became common since the colonial period, which is approximately 200 years ago where the Europeans started to colonize the America. To let you learn more about it, her are some amazing facts about the money in the United States. How do Americans spend it? Are Americans great at saving or splurging? Are people in America rich? Keep reading to find out more. #1 $10 = Rich Apparently if you are a

  • The First Colonial Currency By The Massachusetts Bay Colony

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    were two of the men who contributed research and ideas towards the early versions of the coins. The Treasury Seal that was developed actually remained quite the same even until today. Benjamin Franklin takes on counterfeiting, using his Philadelphia printing firm to produce colonial notes with nature prints—unique raised patterns cast from actual leaves. This process adds an innovative and effective counterfeit deterrent to notes. The first $2 notes are

  • Continentals: The American Dollar

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    In 1775, the Continental Congress permitted lawfully the issuance of the American Dollar to capitalize the Revolutionary War. The word “dollar” was previously in common utilization and was based on the Spanish dollar that had been extensively circulated in the colonies. This new paper currency became established as the “Continental” throughout the colonies. As the war wore on and the colonies’ debt escalate, the Continental became devalued. By May, 1781, Continentals had become so insignificant

  • Fdr's Inauguration Ceremony

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    Once FDR’s Inauguration ceremony concluded, he was faced with the damaging effects of the banking crisis that have plagued the nation’s economy. FDR was only in office for a single day when he “called Congress into a special session” because he wanted to start facing the beast head on starting with the banking crisis. The Emergency Banking Act was proposed, developed and signed in a signal day on March 9, 1933. This newly enacted law was “drawn up under pressure and passed promptly in order to

  • Banks Of The United States

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    Introduction The banking industry has transformed in numerous ways through the ages. Financial institutions now offer a broader assortment of products and services than ever before. The banking industry’s principal purpose remains the same. Financial institutions put the public 's excess monies (deposits and investments) to work by loaning them to individuals to purchase dwellings and automobiles, to open and grow businesses, college funds for families with children, and for countless other reasons

  • Why Does Occurrency Have A Lifespan?

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    was printed by private companies, and the role of the Board of Construction’s workers was to attach the seal of the Treasury department to each bill and to trim the large sheets of paper on which the bills were printed. In 1877, the Bureau of Printing and Engraving (BEP) became the sole printer of U.S. paper currency. Today the BEP is one of the largest printers in the world. The BEP is

  • The Relief and Intaglio Printmaking Process

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    ink is shared generously all over the paper. When the paper is removed, the design will have been transferred and they will have the finished artwork. Using a block of wood is known as Woodcut Relief Printmaking, or “Woodcuts”. There are also Wood Engravings, where a stronger type of wood is used so an artist can engrave an image into the surface rather than cut it out. In my opinion, the second step of the process could be left to remain as the art itself. In the video showing the process as Lyell

  • Essay on Reducing the National Deficit

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    Reducing the National Deficit Many United States' citizens are unaware of the country's current financial state. Many assume that one of the world's wealthiest countries could never be in debt. This is untrue however, and, in fact, the country with the greatest income per capita is in major debt. This study will examine possible solutions to reducing the United States' national budget deficit. Understanding the National Deficit The amount of money that the United States government owes

  • The War Of The American War

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    After having looked at these bonds for so long, I have noticed the intricacies that were put into the design of the bonds, hence why I am very eager to know how these bonds were made along with how the designs were put on the paper without modern printing technology. I have also noticed that entire bond had multiple coupons attached each worth a set amount and a interest rate, which has sparked my interest in how the bonds would be redeemed and for what amount. I have never really known much about

  • The Similarities And Differences Between The Monetary And Banking Systems

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    The Similarities and Differences between the Monetary and Banking Systems of Japan and the United States of America Currency in America The first Colonial currency was issued in 1690 by the Massachusetts Bay Colony, while America was under British rule. Other colonies began to issue their own paper currency, and use of the denominated in Spanish Milled Dollars, Colonial notes were also denominated in British shillings, pounds, and pence. In 1764, the British declared Colonial currency illegal